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The #1 Thing You Want To Know: How To Make A Sale Today

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When it comes down to it, every biz wants more sales. Part of that is due the nature of expansion or evolution, we always look to the next level in which our biz is bigger and we’re selling more. It’s also partly due to the recovering economy – everyone could use more sales, sometimes just to sustain themselves.

As a marketing specialist, when I first meet a biz owner, I find a common expectation: owners want a sale today. Sure, this makes sense. After all, they are in business and biz is about making sales.

However, it’s the wrong mindset for success.

The Ugly Truth About Marketing & Sales

How To Sell Today Using The Las Vegas Mindset

If you want to make a sale today, or several, then you have to tell 100 people what you offer. For two sales you should let 200 people know. Sales are similar to Las Vegas – they are more about the odds and statistics than they are about the 7 P’s of marketing.

However, this ugly truth doesn’t have to be. Like kissing the frog which then turns into a prince, you too can benefit from this marketing fact.

Here’s how:
When it comes to buying a new toy, my daughter wants what she’s seen on TV or what her friends have. Honestly, the same is true for you and me. If I want a new purse or a new pair of earrings – or a coffee shop, restaurant or even a supermarket, I get what I find. This means that I’ll fall in love with a purse at the mall or I’ll see my friend’s bracelet and want a similar style; I’ll meet a friend or have an appointment at the coffee shop or restaurant they recommend and I’ll go back if I like it. Then I’ll also ask for recommendations about where to go or what to do from people I know.

In all these scenarios, whether I see a commercial, talk online or am taken somewhere new, as the consumer, I will always only choose from and prefer an option available to me. In other words, if you sell geese that lay golden eggs and no one knows it, they can’t want it and they can’t buy it.

Let me explain it again from a different angle for you: a retail shop carrying my designs once told me that the jewelry they displayed by the cash register would always sell. That is one of the marketing P’s, positioning, but I’m taking it a step further for you.

The Marketing Secret To Sell Today: You must have expressed positioning, if you will.

In other words, the retail shop that always sells the jewelry by the register also requires foot traffic. More than the beautiful –or ugly- product (a less important factor), it’s the traffic to the product that makes all the difference. In your biz you need for many people to know about what you offer in order for the right person to come along and buy.

Here’s an example:
One of our clients is a post-graduate school that offers degrees in counseling and art therapy. They are a fantastic school, but because they are small, they don’t have the advertising budget to compete with the larger, more impersonal schools.

The president was smart and he started working on a social marketing campaign several years ago. He uses several social channels and avenues to go out of his way to make sure that, between the work we do, the writing and posting he does and the work his school does, people find out about them all of the time- and their enrollment is up. A plethora of methods, sites, updates…. are employed in their marketing efforts.

Still, the president says that sometimes it takes people years to get to their school. Even when someone would like to enroll for the fall, they have life issues that affect their timing, such as family or money. Again, it’s a game of statistics. You have to expose your biz to enough people so that you find the right people at the right time to make your sale.

Mindset #2: Buzz Your Biz

Whether you use social media, traditional advertising, networking or any other form of advertising, there is one thing you need to know- there is no one answer as to what medium is going to work for you. Instead, you want to take on the mindset of talking, writing, singing or doing anything else you like to get the good word out about your biz!

As you take on this mindset for success, your business plan will change. You will want to increase the exposure and the opportunities to share, advertise and talk about your biz, and you’ll want to make sure that you have branded yourself well, so that what you share is as appealing and enticing to your potential clients or customers as possible.

What’s At Work Here:

Every biz owner is after success and abundance. The universal law to pay heed to here is the law of abundance. Because abundance is about an unlimited flow, in order to experience abundance, as an entrepreneur you must open to as many pathways or avenues of business as you can. It means that telling everyone what you do as often as possible is equivalent to opening many doors to allow as many people in your biz as possible. This activates the energy of your biz, which attracts people to both your offering and your dynamic pizzazz.


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