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When It Comes To Biz, Are You Taking The Lead?

Ok, you’ll have to pardon the pun, but I couldn’t pass it up. That’s because social media now has the ability to add to your outbound marketing.


Ok, so, in the world of marketing, we say there is inbound and outbound marketing. Traditionally everything before social was outbound because you, as the biz, had to reach out to your market. You had to try to cross their path by showing up in a magazine or newspaper they might pick up or send a mail to their address.

With website, blogs and social media, inbound marketing today means that the customer gets to choose what they see because they get to choose whether to seek your business out or not.

Social media revolutionized marketing because it made it such that you could no longer use propaganda and sell via this inbound channel. Instead, a biz has to be social, be entertaining and interesting to keep people coming back.

It is, of course, a matter of opinion, but I see progress towards a biz having to be more transparent and talk more about what people like about them. I also like being marketed to by the biz’ I like and want to hear from.

As such, the first smartest thing for you to do for your biz is to create great content to get out via social media, your blog, your email…

Still, a biz needs wants to be able to reach out to its customers or clients when there is a special event, a sale or something new to announce. Social media allows the announcement, but doesn’t let a biz guarantee delivery to all those who may want the scoop.

Step 2 In Social Media

Take The Lead

Today a biz can take the lead by giving their social following a great follow-up: they can add lead generation.

A good laugh for me is when I meet a biz owner that says that they don’t like Facebook. LOL! As a biz owner, what’s not to love? If you own a biz, Facebook is your number one speaker phone. It lets you tell your target market what you have going on. Unlike a limited ad, Facebook lets you post and post again; it lets you comment and then do it all again tomorrow or in five minutes. Better still, there is no printing cost!

Not only that, but Facebook is like no other advertising platform because today it provides your biz the opportunity to gain targeted leads – at a great price. Now, if Facebook goes the way of Google Ads, the prices will sky-rocket, but right now there is no other way to have people who want to hear more about your biz and offerings sign up for your emails! And, again, it’s at a great price.

Step 2 and the second smart marketing technique in social media thus is using Facebook ads to generate leads that you can then market to. In addition to running your inbound marketing on Facebook (and the highly-recommended blog on your website) you can now spend a reasonable amount on Facebook ads and pay an ads management company to give you a list to add to your outbound marketing.

Need Leads? Social Media Pathways can help!


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