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Where are you going to get new customers in 2014?

Like it or not, during the past two years, tactics for successful marketing have dramatically changed. In 2013, 1 in 4 people use Social Media. This number is staggering at 1.73 billion users. No matter what business you are in, chances are you will find a large audience of potential customers on Social Media. For example, our Art Gallery and Artist clients can find over 100 million people who have indicated they are interested in art!

But Social Media Marketing isn’t the only medium necessary for successful marketing. There are two other components that make new client generation happen. Here are the three components of successful marketing in 2014.

  1. Social Media Marketing – Facebook is a must for all businesses. LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, or Google Plus can also be important networks depending on the nature of your business. For Facebook you must have an active Business Fan Page (not the same as a personal profile on Facebook). The Business Fan Page should have at the minimum daily updates with engaging content. The Page should have a healthy number of ‘Likes’. This shows people the page is popular making them more likely to engage, follow and become potential customers. The quickest and most economically way to build a fan base for your page is through a Like Campaign – a special type of Facebook Ad that targets the audience you wish to like your page.
  2. A Blog – According to Technorati’s 2013 Digital Influence Study, blogs are one of the top ways to positively influence a purchase. The days of static html rarely changing websites are quickly coming to an end. If potential customers don’t see fresh engaging content on your website, chances are they won’t come back. Frequent blogs/articles are the best way to keep people coming to your website.
  3. Email Campaigns – Yes, even though email has been flooded with spam, it is still one of the most powerful mediums to entice both new and existing customers to come and purchase from you. But, as with Social Media Updates and Blogs, you must have engaging content in your email. And, they must be sent out on a regular basis. When you do, people will look forward to receiving your emails, even when sent frequently. But, you may ask, what is the quickest way to build an email list? The answer is a lead generation campaign through Facebook Ads. In 2013 companies found a goldmine in Facebook advertising. Through Facebook ads you can target the specific audience for your market and create lead generation campaign whereby people opt in to your email list. Then, it is essential to have a planned email campaign with engaging content sent out consistently so that potential customers recognize and remember you, leading to a the prize at the end of the journey – a sale.

So there you have it. The three essential components of successful marketing in 2014. The good news is that they all tie in and feed each other creating a viral marketing presence. Social Media drives traffic to your blog increasing interest and engagement. Your blog drives traffic back to your Social Media. Both Social Media and Blogs can build an active email list. And email in turn not only drives traffic back to your blog, but also gets people to the place where sales take place whether it be on your website or physical location. And, this all can be energized and accelerated through the power of Facebook Advertising.

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