3 Online Marketing Fundamentals

Hello reader! I haven’t been blogging as much lately because, since we too are a business marketing ourselves, I’ve been working on launching a new branch to our business. Needless to say, setting up and creating the systems has taken time!

Today I want to briefly speak to you about your authentic business. If you are reading this then you offer something that helps people by making their lives easier or better. You believe in what you offer but, like most everyone who is either not using online marketing or not using it effectively, you could use more customers!

I know that the greatest challenge to creating your marketing campaign is knowing what and how to do so. With so many social channels, blogging, SEO, email marketing, mobile marketing and on and on, what do you do? Where do you start?

Well, let’s make this as easy as possible for you-

A Basic Marketing Plan

3 – The Magic Number

Regardless of your industry, there are 3 basic parts to any online marketing campaign. Specializing in Healthy Body & Well-Being Lifestyle, this will be our model.

When we look at the basics, your online marketing plan needs to have

  1. Social Marketing
  2. A Blog/ website
  3. An Email List

Why These Three?

Simply speaking, this trio provides your greatest representation. They provide you advertising, a salesperson and allow you to reach out to your subscribers.

Social Marketing is Advertising

Your social marketing on sites like Facebook, is one of the most powerful and inexpensive ways of running ‘modern ads’online. While you aren’t truly running ads, because you need to be more-so social, social channels allow you to raise awareness, generate traffic and find your audience. Actually, social marketing is a lot like traditional advertising in the sense that a commercial on TV, for example, gives you no way to purchase off the television, but it raises awareness about your business and offering. Don’t expect to sell directly off your social channels because they are social, not sales channels.

Awareness, Traffic, Audience

The purpose of your social marketing is not to sell – which is why there are no ‘buy now’ buttons! Social media today is a gift to any business because it allows a business to find their target audience, or the people who are interested in your offerings and want to hear more from your business. Yes, these people want you to market to them! No longer do you have to spend excess money to market on a magazine or a billboard where only a part of those reached are not interested. Instead, you can maximize your efforts and money by marketing to the audience you create in your online following.

This audience now knows about your offering and, in time, it grows. Social channels then allow you to offer updates with links to your blog, driving traffic to your website. Marketing is a numbers game because even those interested in your offerings aren’t always in a place to buy for many reasons. So, the more you grow your following, the more you get traffic to your website and the more you increase your numbers, which means your sales.

Why A Blog/Website?

Your blog is your greatest salesperson, as I like to call it. This is because your blog is available 24 hours a day and is always telling people about your business and offerings. Your blog provides readers with old information and new, meaning that it can hold vast amounts of information, and it can allow readers to go straight to the category or topic they are most interested in. By allowing readers to choose what they are interested in, they are likely to find something they like about your business and are more likely to read on, learning more about your business and offerings. This is why businesses that blog enjoy a higher lead-to-conversion ratio, meaning they get more sales than businesses who do not blog.

Online Your Website/Blog is Your Business

In today’s virtual world everyone is at your fingertips because you can receive or provide services from all over the world on your computer. In such a world, most of your online customers may never see you or come to your business, but they will visit your virtual business. Your website is then your virtual brick and mortar and this means that, like a shop or on office, this is where you sell.

People expect your offerings here and expect to find things they may want to subscribe to or purchase.

Email – Where “The Money IS”

Marketers call your email list your bread and butter as well as the place where the money is. This is because your email list is made up of people who have expressed interest in your offerings and, often, have purchased from you before. These people like what you do or offer and are far more likely to purchase from you again. They are also likely to tell their friends or forward your email, helping your business grow.

Depending on your industry, an email once a month up to once a week keeps your business on client’s minds. Because not all email subscribers are able or willing to open every email you send, only a percentage of your subscribers will open and read your email. This means that sending regular communication out to them makes it so that they know when to expect an email from you. It also allows you to catch them at different times in their lives when they may be more likely to read. People on your list may have purchased something from you and they may have signed up to receive emails from you on your website, but they certainly don’t understand the full range of your offerings, your expertise and how they can benefit from your business. So, emailing regularly and communicating this in a way that provides information they will welcome along with sales-related information, is the best way to sell.

Marketing is a game of understanding how to communicate to clients or potential clients. This is because people want to be marketed to – they want to learn more about something that interests them or things that will improve their lives. However, marketing focuses on understanding what and how to tell them through the different communication channels available to through online and social marketing.

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  1. Couldn’t agree more especially about the social media side of things. If you don’t have a presence on the main social media sites then you are missing out on a great advertising medium.

    • It is said that biz’ without a presence won’t be able to survive in a few years…

      Which only makes sense. Why wouldn’t you show people what your biz is made of?

  2. I particularly love this line in the information you share: “Marketing is a game of understanding how to communicate to clients or potential clients. This is because people want to be marketed to – they want to learn more about something that interests them or things that will improve their lives.”