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Kalyn Bastion

Meet Kalyn

Today’s world of marketing has undergone a revolution. While social media and online marketing can be quite complex, they have also brought countless methods for business to thrive and expand.

Any business now has access to cutting edge marketing: targeted advertising, building an online following and positioning themselves as authorities, for example.

Kalyn is an expert in perception, the foundation of marketing. She and her partner Karl know how to help any business use the appropriate marketing methods to give them the quickest and most efficient results.

Kalyn is co-founder of CAM – Client Attraction Marketing. CAM helps clients from post-graduate colleges, lawyers, magazines and many more- After their first year working with CAM, Southwestern College had a record year for their highest enrollment and they have continued to have their highest enrollment years since.

CAM offers online classes, social media marketing, content marketing, online advertising and much more to help your business grow sales so that you can grow your business – and grow your life. 




Carl GerberMeet Carl

Carl Gerber is the Co-founder of Social Media Pathways LLC (SMP). SMP is a social media marketing firm providing cutting edge social media marketing services. SMP’s clients include Higher Education Institutions, Retail, Art Galleries and Artists. Being based in Santa Fe, New Mexico, one of the largest art markets in the world, SMP has grown to be the largest social media marketing firm in the Art Gallery niche.

Carl is also the co-founder and creator of the Golden Flow System™ of accelerated enlightenment and well-being. As a certificated Don Miguel Ruiz teacher (bestselling author of The Four Agreements), for over ten years he has helped people find their empowerment and inner calling through leading classes and spiritual retreats to sacred sites around the world.

After graduating with a BA from Portland State University he was awarded a full scholarship from the Japanese Ministry of Education to attend Osaka University’s graduate school. There Carl majored in Cultural Anthropology and Linguistics and became fluent in Japanese. In his studies he was fascinated with how one’s culture, beliefs and language directly affect their view of the world and what they perceive to be reality Carl’s passion is bringing together personal growth and business. He is quoted as saying, “You may be able to access the highest energies through meditation, but unless you are able to bring them down into a successful life, the cycle is not complete.” Upon forming Social Media Pathways, Carl chose to bring his spiritual principals into practice. In three short years he and his wife Kalyn Bastion grew their business into the largest social media marketing firm in the Art Gallery niche.

About These Social Aficionados

Carl and Kalyn are both Co-founders of Social Media Pathways LLC, a social marketing firm. They are also Co-founders of The Golden Flow System™ Carl and Kalyn have spent the last 13 years helping people, specifically in business for the last 3. Through Social Aficionados they help to educate and often entertain – so that businesses and entrepreneurs can have a greater experience and greater success, personally and professionally.