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kalyn This week I found myself in a unique position: I had the ability to ride the metro into DC on the 4th! It doesn't get better than that! What better place could I be at as an entrepreneur! Get inspired, my friend! You have a unique opportunity too! In this video: I hope to change your mind and help you connect to a more success & entrepreneurial-oriented mindset. Because I'm the co-owner of a [...] Whether you are ordering a hamburger and want to trust that no one is spitting in your food or you are closing on a business deal, you must rely on people, but not all people are reliable. On a personal note, I've seen friends and professional friends of mine make choices and enter into contracts, which are written agreements, that I question. I question who they are doing business with - in the office [...] What's the number 1 question entrepreneurs most ask? How do I increase sales- In this video I'll talk to you about a better way to categorize this question because those who want to be a part of the 20% that succeed in business need to see their sales and their marketing as a long-term expression of their business and their offerings. So the first thing I would have you ask yourself is are you [...]