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kalyn No one can talk about your business when you can’t talk about yourself. Often a lot of entrepreneurs do more than one thing and it makes it hard to talk about what they do because it’s hard to represent all their services. However, even if the things you do seem to be unconnected, you are the common ground. When you find what you are good at and can talk about it, the energy of [...] In this video, Ocean, joins Oberon and myself because- as you can see- he’s confused about whether he could make a go of his entrepreneurial business or not. See, Ocean has heard experts say that there must be a demand in the market for what you do. Then there are others, like myself, who say you should love what you do because you’ll be doing it a lot! When you’re an entrepreneur you recognize [...] You have an identity - it shapes what people think about you, what they like about you - even the reason they invite you to a party! Especially in this age of branded businesses, your business is the same! A business identity means that you create attraction for your business (so that it has a flow of attraction). It creates characteristics and a reason for people to choose your business and refer it, highlighting [...]

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