Wear Clothes That Attract Money For Your Biz

Look around the room the next time you are at any kind of business gathering. Do people look professional? Do they look like they put some time and thought into looking presentable? Does their appearance reflect well on their brand, their business and themselves?

As you look around a couple business rooms you might find, as I did, that those who are dressed presentably are also the ones who get the most business.

Why is this and what does it mean to dress “presentably”? Continue reading

Is Social Failing?



Is Social Media Failing You – or is it something else?

Have you been playing the social media game and are you feeling that it isn’t working out for you?

Join me in this video in which I talk to you about some common mistakes entrepreneurs and small businesses make – because they don’t always understand how best to use social media and because they often don’t have a website that is converting (selling for them).

Marketing Made Easy Part 2


I have met amazing entrepreneurs who have taken on creating their own, beautiful website – but who are so disappointed when they get no hits to their site. Why? Because marketing is about spreading the word so that people find out about your incredible offerings, so that people know to visit your insightful website and so that people can become customers, clients and patients.

The same is true of social media. The best banner, the best updates and even promoting your updates won’t help your business at all if you don’t have the audience. Entrepreneurs or entrepreneurial managers often think that social/online marketing isn’t working for their business but more often than not, they don’t understand the best practices that will allow their social media (and online) marketing to benefit their business.

in this video I’m going to tell you about 3 of the best ways to use social media to benefit your business so that you can grow your sales, Grow Your Business & Grow Your Life.

Marketing Made Easy Part 1


CAMA – Client Attraction Marketing Academy

Join me in this video, part 1 in a series.

As a teacher, I’m great at making things simple and applicable for you! Let’s make marketing as easy as 3 steps that you’ll understand and that will help you be smarter with all your marketing efforts!


CAM Brand To Sell

Branding is more than a tag line-

Join me in this video to understand how you can stand out above your competition. As a consumers and customer, what do you reach for? In this video I’ll show you how you can show yourself the importance of branding yourself, re-branding yourself or branding your biz even if it already has a pre-set brand.