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Authentic Business

Part 2:  Passion Spells Authentic Entrepreneur If there is a recipe for success, it includes passion. Specifically in business, passion provides motivation, momentum and vision. As anyone who has worked on creating a business knows, you must have some of these vital ingredients to make it through the ups and downs. Maybe an authentic business isn’t such a good idea. Sure, you’ll love what you do, you will have more meaning and fulfillment in your [...]

I’m trying to gulp down my salad as I find a reference about authentic business and type- and I realize that I even expect for my salad to be authentic these days. Yes, I’ve been focusing on making meals that are transparent and that offer my family nutrition and micro-nutrients, as opposed to empty calories, or “carbage”, as I heard it referred to on Dr. Oz’s show.  So, you can imagine what standards I have when [...]


Recently I have experienced the power of creating an conscious business that is in alignment with who you wish to become in your authenticity. Kalyn, my wife and co-owner of our Social Media Company, and I have a group of students that have been with us several years. In recent classes Kalyn has been bringing through the importance of choosing who you wish to be and expressing that in your life. Last weekend I spent [...]