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Authentic Entrepreneur This week I found myself in a unique position: I had the ability to ride the metro into DC on the 4th! It doesn't get better than that! What better place could I be at as an entrepreneur! Get inspired, my friend! You have a unique opportunity too! In this video: I hope to change your mind and help you connect to a more success & entrepreneurial-oriented mindset. Because I'm the co-owner of a [...]

Burrito wrap from Chipotle - They tell, tell, tell

When it comes down to it, every biz wants more sales. Part of that is due the nature of expansion or evolution, we always look to the next level in which our biz is bigger and we’re selling more. It’s also partly due to the recovering economy – everyone could use more sales, sometimes just to sustain themselves. As a marketing specialist, when I first meet a biz owner, I find a common expectation: owners [...]

Business Branding

This morning Karl and I had breakfast at a restaurant that had been out of town and that recently moved downtown. Santa Fe is a tourism-based economy, especially downtown. In their previous location, the restaurant catered to locals. However, the locals downtown and the tourists that come to Santa Fe are quite different than the locals just a few miles away. In part it’s because we expect a ‘tourist quality’ meal and experience downtown while [...]