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Yes, first things first. If there were a “how to” to become an authentic entrepreneur, it would start with a choice. People underestimate the power of their focused attention which comes about when they make a choice. A choice is not just non-consequential, like choosing between a burger or soup for lunch. A choice that you make for yourself and with your intention to better yourself is a choice that carries great power. Such choices [...]

As is a part of life, last fall we had to put our amazing and aging dog down. It took us half a year to be ready to bring a new big dog into our lives, but yesterday we found the right dog, “Stitch” at the pound. It had been so long since we’d trained a dog, and this Australian Cattle Herder will outsmart us without proper training, that it was time to learn how [...]

High school was no fun for me. In addition to the awkwardness of hormones and dating, trying to learn to be impressive lead to multi-layered falsities where no one was quite what they seemed. Some people think growing up is no fun, but they haven’t discovered the world of the authentic entrepreneur. In the world of business and authentic entrepreneurs, passion clears the air, providing something real, something you can truly appreciate about another. Today [...]