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Karl’s Blog Join Kalyn in this video to find out why and how Facebook shows updates and how to increase the exposure of your updates.   And we'll answer it in a video - or receive our weekly email to learn about some of the most common questions entrepreneurs have in their online marketing as Kalyn shares common Q&A's as well as offering online courses to let you learn to improve your mindset so that you [...]

How to Sell On Facebook

This is the first post in my How to Sell on Facebook Series. In this series I will be describing in detail the steps to successful monetization of Facebook. I will also include the actual steps to creating one of the most powerful types of ads on Facebook. The key to successful selling on Facebook is to realize that, more times than not, the sale occurs off Facebook not on it. The actual sale occurs [...]


Like it or not, during the past two years, tactics for successful marketing have dramatically changed. In 2013, 1 in 4 people use Social Media. This number is staggering at 1.73 billion users. No matter what business you are in, chances are you will find a large audience of potential customers on Social Media. For example, our Art Gallery and Artist clients can find over 100 million people who have indicated they are interested in [...]

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