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One of the quickest ways to develop a successful business is to become an expert in your field. When you are an authority in your field, it is natural for people and other businesses to seek out what you have to offer. By becoming an expert, you provide a genuine service. It is easier to become an expert than you might believe. You do so through focus and expression. Whatever you focus on and spend [...]

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[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="160"] (Photo credit: Jennifer Kumar)[/caption] In The Power of an Authentic Business Part 1 I spoke about the power of living life as an extension of you, who you are both now and who you wish to be. I gave an example of how focusing on who I wanted to be caused life to line up and match that state of being. In this blog I will show how this applies to [...]


Recently I have experienced the power of creating an conscious business that is in alignment with who you wish to become in your authenticity. Kalyn, my wife and co-owner of our Social Media Company, and I have a group of students that have been with us several years. In recent classes Kalyn has been bringing through the importance of choosing who you wish to be and expressing that in your life. Last weekend I spent [...]