2014 Successful Marketing Plan – The Three Must Components

Where are you going to get new customers in 2014?

Like it or not, during the past two years, tactics for successful marketing have dramatically changed. In 2013, 1 in 4 people use Social Media. This number is staggering at 1.73 billion users. No matter what business you are in, chances are you will find a large audience of potential customers on Social Media. For example, our Art Gallery and Artist clients can find over 100 million people who have indicated they are interested in art!

But Social Media Marketing isn’t the only medium necessary for successful marketing. There are two other components that make new client generation happen. Here are the three components of successful marketing in 2014. Continue reading

What is Propinquity and Successful Social Media Marketing?

The Propinquity Effect


Social Marketing and Propinquity

Artist Will Saul, Close

The propinquity effect is the tendency for people to be attracted to people and things they encounter often, particularly if they feel they have something in common. It comes from the Latin word propinquitas meaning “nearness.” When people encounter someone or something often, they feel attraction or a bond to the subject or person.

Have you ever heard a song you didn’t really like the first time, but when you heard it again you started to like it? This is the phenomenon of propinquity. Have you ever had the experience of watching a newscaster, expert or someone you like to watch often and feel like you know them; perhaps even know them like you would a friend? This is the propinquity effect.

Propinquity Marketing and Propinquity Points

Having a propinquity marketing strategy can be a powerful and even fun way of increasing your bottom line. First you want to find propinquity points, places where your potential customers will feel affinity. Social Media, in particular Facebook, facilitates this process in ways that were hereto impossible to do with traditional advertising. With Facebook, you have the ability to target people you market to by their likes. When you place a Facebook ad for example, you can choose a specific audience according to what they like.

If you are a Fine Art artist or gallery, for example, you can choose people who love art. But, not just art in general, but specific genres of art. For example, Facebook tells us that there are 2,200,000 people that specifically like Abstract Art, and there are 3,200,000 people that like Minimalism. If your gallery specializes in Abstract Art, you can create a propinquity point by targeting those people in your Facebook ads, messages and images of art.

If you sell Organic Food, Facebook tells us that there are 10,500,000 people on Facebook interested in Organic Food. This is a huge audience to create a propinquity point with.

By creating friendly, interesting or useful messages and putting them out often (creating propinquity points) to people having those interests in common (another propinquity point), those people begin to feel like they like and know you. The next time they buy a piece of art or an organic meal, chances are they will think of you first.

Are You Using Propinquity in Your Marketing?

Social Media Marketing such as Facebook brings in a tidal wave of new opportunities to bring awareness to your brand or product in a positive, non-pushy way. And, what’s more, people carry their propinquity points around with them in the form of their smartphone. How are you using propinquity the power of Social Media Marketing in your business?


How To Become an Expert and Quickly Grow a Business

Become an Expert

Want to grow your business? Become an expert

One of the quickest ways to develop a successful business is to become an expert in your field. When you are an authority in your field, it is natural for people and other businesses to seek out what you have to offer. By becoming an expert, you provide a genuine service.

It is easy to become an expert

It is easier to become an expert than you might believe. Continue reading

The Power of Your Authentic Business As An Expression Of You – Part 1

authentic businessThe Power of a Conscious, Authentic Business

Recently I have experienced the power of creating an conscious business that is in alignment with who you wish to become in your authenticity. Kalyn, my wife and co-owner of our Social Media Company, and I have a group of students that have been with us several years. In recent classes Kalyn has been bringing through the importance of choosing who you wish to be and expressing that in your life. Last weekend I spent an evening with one of our coaching clients helping him explore how his life could more reflect who he desires to be and how this will help his business. I wanted to share this with him as I recently experienced the power of this as it applies to our building our own successful, authentic business. Continue reading