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Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and even Twitter; what do they have in common to this blog post? All are either purely image based or becoming increasingly reliant on photos and other visual posts. Posts with images on Facebook get more engagement overall, and according to a Hubspot study, even links attached to photos get more clicks. With a new timeline design, photos now appear inline, a photo posted to Twitter receives up to four times the [...]

It All Adds Up

90% of Inc. 500 companies use at least one major social media platform. And 62% say social media is either “somewhat” or “very” necessary to their growth. - Heidi Cohen 92% of small businesses say that social media is an effective marketing technology tool. They are evenly split on the effectiveness of social media for attracting new customers vs. engaging existing customers. - e-Strategy Trends Social media is here to stay.  According to recent data [...]

As recently as a few years ago, simply having a presence on Social Media and posting regularly was enough to stand out in the digital realm. Businesses were able to reach customers through social channels easily while rivals asked the question ‘Who needs a Facebook Page?’ Those days are long past. As more people and businesses flock to social media the feeds of the customer become increasingly cluttered. On Facebook the average post is seen [...]