Biz Is In Demand But You Don’t Know It

Perhaps Your Business Offering Is In Demand & You Don’t Know It!

Before you give up hope and conclude that your marketing efforts aren’t working or that your businesses offerings aren’t really in demand, consider that you might be seeing your business from the inside and not from the outside in. This means that you may not be presenting your business in such a way that tells potential customers what you offer.

But I Know What I Sell And Say!

Entrepreneurs always have at least one thing in common: they are passionate about what they do. This is a part of what drives them and keeps them working on their business.

They often spend days on end thinking about and developing their passion or their business. Metaphorically speaking, if they were spending all this time inside their store or office or place of business, it would be like saying that they never come outside. Since they don’t come outside, they also forget what things look like from the outside. To further the example, a retail store often has window displays. If the person creating the display never walked outside the store, they would never realize how a shopper might see the display.

Entrepreneurs are generally so busy running their business that they often lose site of the view from the outside in. This is when and how poor marketing, or communication, pieces are created. In the example here, this postcard was given out by a business, but everyone receiving in was confused and no one was able to take an interest in the offered event. When you look at this postcard (check out the video) what do you think? Does it raise your interest as something you’d like to learn more about or are you left with more questions than interest?

The 5 W’s

Go back to your basics when you are putting forth any communication about your business. Whether you are telling someone what you do or whether you are designing your website, you always want to be sure to communicate the relevant information. Although your 5 W’s from school, who, what, where, when, why, aren’t always appropriate, you can see how they would have aided this postcard. Unfortunately, this postcard offers no real information, such as who/what kind of doctor is hosting dinner, why or what the focus of the dinner will be, nor does it speak to the fact that the dinner is free if you call to sign up! (Again, watch the video to see the postcard and to learn 2 more techniques to creating a more successful marketing piece)

Since a potential client doesn’t know whether this doctor will talk about nutrition, cancer, dental hygiene and so on, the client is not given the chance to want to learn more about the business and what the doctor has to say. This is a great example of a business that may feel that people are not interested in their event or their marketing, but it is a false conclusion. The truth is that the business hasn’t represented themselves at all, not even in name!

Increase your business expression so that you have something enticing and exciting to say, because that’s when you’ll find people wanting to pay you.  Learn a few marketing tips to find your expression enhanced and becoming more and more effective!


Is Social Failing?



Is Social Media Failing You – or is it something else?

Have you been playing the social media game and are you feeling that it isn’t working out for you?

Join me in this video in which I talk to you about some common mistakes entrepreneurs and small businesses make – because they don’t always understand how best to use social media and because they often don’t have a website that is converting (selling for them).

How Do I Increase My Sales – Today?

The Mindset for Success Requires A Loud Mouth

I have a girlfriend who has a gallery. Galleries can be tough businesses because, in Santa Fe, their sales are seasonal. Additionally, their target market – those who have the disposable income to buy art- is a minority of the people. Just yesterday on the news I heard that the average cashier in the US earns about $20,000 a year. My research online yields an average income of $50,000 for couples in the US – so, most art lovers aren’t necessarily financially potential art patrons.

Still, my girlfriend is successful with her gallery. That’s because she has a loud marketing mouth.


What Is An ESP & How Does It Help My Biz?

An ESP – or email service provider– is one of your biz’ best friends.

“66% of US online consumers, ages 15 and up made a purchase as a result of email marketing messages” – Express Pigeon

Today I met a local small biz owner. In talking, I shared the ability I saw for her to leverage her biz by incorporating email marketing. She is in a unique position to put people she has met and who have purchased from her on her email list, which means her email list would be solid gold. Your best customers, or those most likely to purchase, are your past customers, so adding an email list to her marketing would certainly double her income, if not triple it. When past customers see her email and are reminded of her offering, they will likely purchase directly from her email, especially since she sells nice, affordable jewelry, once or twice during the year.

This biz owner relies on personal connections and meeting potential clients face-to-face, although she does market on Facebook. Instead of emailing customers, she calls. Nothing wrong with that, but why not do both?

See, the loud mouth marketer is smart. They realize, like my girlfriend with the gallery, there are multiple pathways to creating a reputation, to communicating with potential clients and to making a sale. In other words, they use multiple streams of marketing together to create a cohesive message that can reach as many people as possible.

As such, I told the local biz owner that an ESP would allow her to create lists and manage what emails she sends to whom, given that people who purchase would receive a different email than those who have not yet purchase, and a third list would go to everyone to announce a new item or a special offering.

Leverage Your Biz

If you aren’t already being as loud as possible, take advantage of the fact that most mobile users reach for the phones first thing in the morning; they read their emails and purchase.

We all want to be marketed to by the biz’s that we are interested in. Be sure to make your biz’s fans happy by sending great content, offerings and communications to them via email.

The #1 Thing You Want To Know: How To Make A Sale Today

When it comes down to it, every biz wants more sales. Part of that is due the nature of expansion or evolution, we always look to the next level in which our biz is bigger and we’re selling more. It’s also partly due to the recovering economy – everyone could use more sales, sometimes just to sustain themselves.

As a marketing specialist, when I first meet a biz owner, I find a common expectation: owners want a sale today. Sure, this makes sense. After all, they are in business and biz is about making sales.

However, it’s the wrong mindset for success. Continue reading

Marketing 101: Never Stop Talking

The Most Successful Biz Market More Than You’d Guess

I was just down in a resort in Mexico in a beautiful all-inclusive hotel. That means that their approximate 100 square acres, 3000 plus rooms and 4 lobbied- hotel had a lot to offer. I think there were at least 6 pools and a couple access points to the Caribbean ocean with at least a mile of ocean.

Now, once a guest is here, is there a need to continue to advertise? Haven’t they already bought the ticket? Aren’t they already sold? Continue reading