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Burrito wrap from Chipotle - They tell, tell, tell

When it comes down to it, every biz wants more sales. Part of that is due the nature of expansion or evolution, we always look to the next level in which our biz is bigger and we’re selling more. It’s also partly due to the recovering economy – everyone could use more sales, sometimes just to sustain themselves. As a marketing specialist, when I first meet a biz owner, I find a common expectation: owners [...]


I was just down in a resort in Mexico in a beautiful all-inclusive hotel. That means that their approximate 100 square acres, 3000 plus rooms and 4 lobbied- hotel had a lot to offer. I think there were at least 6 pools and a couple access points to the Caribbean ocean with at least a mile of ocean. Now, once a guest is here, is there a need to continue to advertise? Haven’t they already [...]

get the word out

I went to lunch with a new friend from a networking group recently. She is a Feng Shui consultant and, like many small biz owners, she’ wondering how best to market herself. She asked me about content marketing in which you pay a content company to write for your biz. The idea here is that you save time or money because you let the company research, write and stay up to date with industry trends. [...]