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social media

Ok, you’ll have to pardon the pun, but I couldn’t pass it up. That’s because social media now has the ability to add to your outbound marketing. What? Ok, so, in the world of marketing, we say there is inbound and outbound marketing. Traditionally everything before social was outbound because you, as the biz, had to reach out to your market. You had to try to cross their path by showing up in a magazine [...]


Switching Being Pissed Off With Flowing If you’ve ever had a dog, particularly a chihuahua- as I understand they are the worst, then you know that dogs can be selective about their being house-broken habits. This summer a new, sweet chihuahua joined the family when our daughter magically attracted a new playmate. Sure she had an older, slower companion, but youthful children like youthful puppies who will play with them, chase them and put up [...]

tuning fork

The Mindset of Success is Today to the Enlightened Entrepreneur Our language has a lot of cliches and adages like ‘it takes money to make money’ or ‘give to receive’. The truth beneath these sayings comes from a universal law in which an activated energy will attract more of the same vibration. Have you ever heard of tuning forks? They all have different notes and when a tuning fork that sounds C, for example, is [...]