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This morning my girlfriend posted about planning your 2014 marketing, as she is a marketing expert. I liked her post and I like her encouragement and help for those with a biz’ - Then a thought popped in my mind. It was about my giving my daughter’s second grade teacher a contribution today. See, her class is going to a play and the teacher asked that everyone bring $2 for tickets. She’d said that she [...]

In part 1 of this blog we examined how you might get encourage to develop your creative endeavors hoping for success. However this causes a focus outside of the self. Today we will examine bringing the core back to yourself and your needs. The Marketing of a Mindset In part 1 we acknowledged the fact that everyone has a gift that would make them a rock star by their own right. The thing is, if [...]

When it comes right down to it, you either trust the universe, God, your Source Energy or some unknown contributor to your destiny, or you don’t. There are many names for such an unknown source, and I just refer to your Source Energy. Today I met a woman at coffee. She told me that she’d been meeting intuitives or mediums lately and that one had said to her, within just a few minutes of meeting [...]