Parrots & Successful Intentful Entrepreneurs

Intentful Experts Have A Parrot-Like Mindset

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Yes, I said it. The metaphor is like a parrot that parrots away, saying the same things over and over and over. Now, I don’t want you to feel insulted, instead I want you to see the benefit of parroting: parrots have a well-known brand.

Intentful experts succeed when they also have an intentful brand. People get to know them and know the benefit in coming to them. They know that the intentful expert dedicates themselves to doing what they love, so they are the best at it. People know that this is who they need to turn to when the time comes. Continue reading

An Entrepreneurial Email For You | Making Marketing Manageable & Meaningful

Understanding Facebook Ads & Landing Pages

facebook advertising, audience targeting, facebook adsAn email I sent to a new prospective client asking about Facebook ads, which I thought might be highly informative for others as well!

Hello Friend,

We, of course, offer audience building services as well as content management (update/blog writing). For this we run Facebook ads that target your target demographic. We can maximize spending efforts by targeting people that are the gender, age range specific and whose interests you feel are a best match. We can also target fans of a certain page, like Oprah’s. Continue reading

Contrary To The Entrepreneurial Mindset – Part 2

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Contrary To What You May Think

successful entrepreneur, authentic entrepreneur, successful mindsetA contrary position is, unfortunately, often an unconscious chosen attitude resulting from limiting beliefs you hold and validate in yourself. A restaurant owner I once knew held a contrary position about her competition, insisting that they did not use the organic ingredients they claimed; her restaurant, she argued, was far better in all ways – though business was not what she wanted it to be. She held what you’d call a ‘negative outlook’ by always assuming that employees were out to take advantage and she questioned and micromanaged everything. In life, you must be savvy. You must keep your eyes open and stay on top of things, but you need to perceive things clearly. An assumption that something is wrong right off the bat means you are taking a contrary position in life. It means your being- your energy, thoughts, feelings and actions- are standing in a place of resistance.

And, They Say ‘What You Resist, Will Persist’

Frankly, some business owners get away with being ogres. They yell at their staff, they rule with an iron fist, treat customers or clients poorly and they still do well. However, I’d like to think this is not the life you’re seeking. I’m certain that you’ll get that those ogre owners don’t look happy and that, in this Age of Authenticity, you don’t want to live like that anyway. Taking charge of your life by being an entrepreneur or by wanting to have a mindset of success is really about giving yourself a quality of life – to enjoy.

Simply Speaking, Don’t Be Contrary

So, simply speaking, you can change a lot of the flow of your life so that you have a far better experience in life, by just not being contrary. Like an successful and empowered entrepreneur, hold a mindset that only provides one-track when it comes to what you are dedicating yourself to, but then be fluid when it comes to rolling with the punches. This way you’ll insist on your own success and well-being while meeting life half way through your flexibility. When things come up or unexpected and unwelcome things happen, say ‘yes’ before you take a contrary position. More often than not, you’ll really be saying yes to who you want to be and to your own well-being and success. This is how you instill in yourself a fluid and flexible attitude that allows more movement and more wanted things to come to you in life.

Contrary To The Entrepreneurial Mindset – Part 1

Entrepreneurs Have A One-Track Mind

successful entrepreneur, authentic entrepreneur, successful mindsetEntrepreneurs are different than most people because they think differently since are running a business. This must be their first priority to keep the business thriving; they have other priorities too, but the business takes first place most often. As such, entrepreneurs tend to see everything in a different light than most because they are always relating to or thinking about their business.

In many ways, entrepreneurs have a one-track mind which is about running their business as efficiently and successfully as possible. On the other hand, entrepreneurs are often the most fluid and flexible people you’ll meet because their business has taught them to roll with the punches.

In this way, entrepreneurs can provide us with an understanding of what it means to be in the flow to expedite or expand what you prefer compared with being contrary to what you want. Specifically, we want to differentiate between the mindset of success that tells us when to be inflexible and have a one-track mind and when to be quite fluid, rolling with all the punches.

A Contrary Mindset

Entrepreneurs Say Yes

Have you ever seen the movie “Yes Man” with Jim Carrey? It is a great comedy in which Jim’s character is given the challenge to say yes to everything, no no’s allowed. As every request or invitation is met with a “yes”, his character’s life changes, allowing life to bring him greater gifts, experiences and a greater feeling about life than before. Similar to his character, entrepreneurs tend to realize that they have to flow with their business, meeting it’s many requests and needs with a positive attitude to go with the flow that will provide the greatest success possible.

A ‘yes man’ therefore is fluid when he or she needs to be, the way an entrepreneur is with their business. In order to make clients happy and maximize productivity and efficiency in their business, they take on an attitude of agreement and amiability. When a client says jump, they ask how high the clients need them to jump so to get the job done.

Of course, I’m not suggesting you become a doormat in order to hold a mindset of success. However, I am pointing out that entrepreneurs put the requirements to ensure success first, or as much as possible, in their businesses by avoiding a contrary position.

I’m suggesting that if you want to experience success or happiness in your business or life, you too need to take on this ‘going with the flow’ attitude. It is a key ingredient in a recipe for success because it requires the opposite attitude, thoughts and perceptions about what occurs in your day-to-day life or in your business than a contrary position, which is the position people most take.

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