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tuning fork

The Mindset of Success is Today to the Enlightened Entrepreneur Our language has a lot of cliches and adages like ‘it takes money to make money’ or ‘give to receive’. The truth beneath these sayings comes from a universal law in which an activated energy will attract more of the same vibration. Have you ever heard of tuning forks? They all have different notes and when a tuning fork that sounds C, for example, is [...]


This morning my girlfriend posted about planning your 2014 marketing, as she is a marketing expert. I liked her post and I like her encouragement and help for those with a biz’ - Then a thought popped in my mind. It was about my giving my daughter’s second grade teacher a contribution today. See, her class is going to a play and the teacher asked that everyone bring $2 for tickets. She’d said that she [...]