The Entrepreneurial Mindset of Success is Today

The Mindset of Success is Today to the Enlightened Entrepreneur

Our language has a lot of cliches and adages like ‘it takes money to make money’ or ‘give to receive’. The truth beneath these sayings comes from a universal law in which an activated energy will attract more of the same vibration. Have you ever heard of tuning forks? They all have different notes and when a tuning fork that sounds C, for example, is hit, the reverberation will then cause other C forks to sound, but not forks of other frequencies.

Of course, if you are familiar with the law of attraction then you’ll be used to thinking of this as ‘you attract the energy you activate’. Either way, entrepreneurs use this awareness and thus act as if they are successful today, not tomorrow.

Enlightened entrepreneurs will hold this successful mindset regardless of their circumstances. Not only will they treat their success as if it is here today when they are setting up a new product or service and still don’t have something for purchase, but they will also apply this mindset in other ways. Continue reading

20% of Your Mindset Can Create 80% of Your Success

This morning my girlfriend posted about planning your 2014 marketing, as she is a marketing expert. I liked her post and I like her encouragement and help for those with a biz’ –

Then a thought popped in my mind. It was about my giving my daughter’s second grade teacher a contribution today. See, her class is going to a play and the teacher asked that everyone bring $2 for tickets. She’d said that she would cover the cost of anyone who couldn’t pay. So, when I saw her, I told her I’d buy my ticket and my daughter’s at the theater, and contribute so no money came out of her pocket.

The Mindset of Success Needs To Be Defined Continue reading