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Recap Part 1 In our last email we spoke of the importance of having a squeeze page to increase your online sales. While your website is meant for you to sell online, like a virtual store, purchasing has to be easy to do. People have to understand the benefits to them in your offering and buying has to be obvious. A website often holds the primary goal of being informational, explaining your business, location, about, contact and [...]

“Approximately 97 percent of businesses are using email marketing to try to convert email recipients into buyers. It must be working because, according to a Smith-Harmon survey, 76 percent of subscribers have made purchases from an email marketing message.” newsworthy from - Houston Chronicle With such great quotes and statistics, I hope you are already changing your mind about email marketing. It is the core of a good, online marketing campaign. And, of course, in [...]

Yes, in today’s modern, online world you can sell online using your website. However, you can enhance your online selling success with a squeeze page. Marketing 101 says that marketing your product or offering is about making it simple for a prospective client or customer to easily and quickly understand what you offer and the benefits to them. It is also about making is simple for them to learn more and purchase. Now, before we [...]