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Online Markering


The core function of a blog is to bring information to the reader. Whether you focus on fine art, movie reviews or scientific discovery, you have an audience you want to reach. But are you reaching them on their level? Whether visitors seem to have interest, but you have no real following on your blog, or your analytics suggest that people are visiting and quickly leaving again these three keys will help. One of the [...]


Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and even Twitter; what do they have in common to this blog post? All are either purely image based or becoming increasingly reliant on photos and other visual posts. Posts with images on Facebook get more engagement overall, and according to a Hubspot study, even links attached to photos get more clicks. With a new timeline design, photos now appear inline, a photo posted to Twitter receives up to four times the [...]

get the word out

I went to lunch with a new friend from a networking group recently. She is a Feng Shui consultant and, like many small biz owners, she’ wondering how best to market herself. She asked me about content marketing in which you pay a content company to write for your biz. The idea here is that you save time or money because you let the company research, write and stay up to date with industry trends. [...]