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Working With Your Mate How Do You Work Together?

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When couples share a partnership at work and at home, one of the most common questions may be ‘how do you make it work?’ The question isn’t because it’s rare, but having a working relationship at work that works can be!

Join Kalyn and Carl in this episode and learn a few trade secrets to ensure success in your business partnership, which will also apply to your relationship.

writing-in-an-agenda-1174474-mIn this episode you’ll hear about:

  • How to minimize problems and maximize agreements

  • How to prioritize for success

  • How to replace bickering with a great business partnership

  • How working together can strengthen your business

  • How to use conflicts and disagreements to benefit your business


Living Large Podcast – The Importance of Bridging

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Making Your Passion Your Business – The Importance of Bridging

Social Entrepreneur Podcast

How do you turn your passion into your business? How do you make the transition from your day job to being an entrepreneur?

Join Kalyn and Car in this authentic entrepreneur podcast episode to learn what it takes to quit and start your own business or how to smoothly transition and go through the process of creating your own business.


In this episode you’ll also learn:

  • How not to fall in the trap of ending up not liking your business, which you were once passionate about

  • How to identify some red flags in your own motivation to create an authentic business to help yourself ensure your business remains authentic and passion-based

  • Some common traps that entrepreneurs fall into when creating their business and how to avoid these

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Living Large Essential Entrepreneur Podcast – Realize Your Biz Potential

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Realize Your Business Potential & Use Blogs

Social Entrepreneur Podcast

If you are an authentic entrepreneur, and not all business owners are authentic entrepreneurs and not all workers are employees, then it is important to keep evolving in your business. Kalyn likes to chase a better life, which means evolving your business and personal life.

In this episode of the Social Aficionados Podcast, Kalyn provides you with one technique to personally tap into your potential for your business and provides one online marketing method, blogging, to help you bring that potential forward as you improve the expression of your business and it’s fuller potential.


Living Large Podcast – Living Large

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If you have a choice between a smaller, lesser experience or a larger, greater experience, isn’t the one you would choose obvious?

We always say, no one is born with life handed to them on a plate- we all have to choose the bigger experience and to Live Large!!!

Join Kalyn and Carl in this podcast to get a clear distinction between the small experience and a large one so that you have a clear understanding to make yours a Living Large Life!