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Social Marketing

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Ok, you’ll have to pardon the pun, but I couldn’t pass it up. That’s because social media now has the ability to add to your outbound marketing. What? Ok, so, in the world of marketing, we say there is inbound and outbound marketing. Traditionally everything before social was outbound because you, as the biz, had to reach out to your market. You had to try to cross their path by showing up in a magazine [...]

In last week's email we discussed how you shouldn't be selling to potential customers. But, if you're not selling, then how should you be marketing? Create A Following Rather than searching for 'customers' you should instead look for followers. A customer may purchase only once, but a follower is somebody who has chosen to receive your message again and again because they like what you offer, whether it's in terms of products, information of even [...]

As recently as a few years ago, simply having a presence on Social Media and posting regularly was enough to stand out in the digital realm. Businesses were able to reach customers through social channels easily while rivals asked the question ‘Who needs a Facebook Page?’ Those days are long past. As more people and businesses flock to social media the feeds of the customer become increasingly cluttered. On Facebook the average post is seen [...]