Dogs Can Piss You Off, Literally!

Switching Being Pissed Off With Flowing

If you’ve ever had a dog, particularly a chihuahua- as I understand they are the worst, then you know that dogs can be selective about their being house-broken habits. This summer a new, sweet chihuahua joined the family when our daughter magically attracted a new playmate. Sure she had an older, slower companion, but youthful children like youthful puppies who will play with them, chase them and put up with some roughhousing. So, against our better judgement, we acquiesced to the addition.

Of course, this means that the older chi, as the breed is often called, became sad and felt outcast- for good reason. Lucy was never too good at making it out the door in the morning to answer nature’s call but now she was having daily ‘accidents’. My attempts to cope with this behavior included being angry, tying her to a coffee table (since dogs won’t urinate or poo where they hang out) and threatening to throw her outside. Now that our first snow has fallen, keeping her outdoors is not an option (since chi’s have short hair). Funny, the snow caused more indoor melted yellow snow spots and poo!

Needless to say, the dog pissed me off. We’ve had the new puppy for five months and this is just about as long as being unhappy about the situation has gone on. I even had a friend have Lucy over often, as they kept each other company, but it was just out of flow.

Over the Thanksgiving weekend I spent some time meditating and connecting with my energy. As I did, I quickly became aware that the energy around Lucy (that darn dog!) and my friend were out of flow.

See, one advantage of practicing being in the flow is that you become more aware of, sensitive to and wise about your energy. After just a bit of flowing around Lucy, my take on my circumstances quickly shifted. I suddenly saw that as she is an older dog, she won’t last too much longer. For the time being, I saw realized it was time to get things in flow. In other words, she is a part of our family, issues or not, and I realized that I just had to let the whole situation flow. Of course, it doesn’t change my feelings of dislike for my need to keep sanitizer on hand, though it does make me more grateful for our tile and laminate-wood flooring.

So, I decided it was time to let the darn thing be and be a part of our home again. Looking back, I also let go of trying to control her using my house as a toilet.

My choice changed everything and I was able to make the choice because I’d become aware that things were out of the flow. Well, everything changed. Lucy had no accidents and seemed nicer -and its been several days. Sure, she felt more loved and more a part of our family, but she always had been until she’d fallen out of my good pee-free graces. Thus, initially, I hadn’t changed – she had. I did react to her change and that reaction put me out of my flow.

Yes, all of life challenges us and changes circumstances and ‘the rules’ all of the time. How we handle these things denotes the difference between our staying or getting into the flow or our falling right out. Nothing is always true in life, save this: if you always get back into the flow, all is well and begins to work itself out. May you stay in the flow and may your dogs always flow outside for you!

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