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Understanding Facebook Ads & Landing Pages

facebook advertising, audience targeting, facebook adsAn email I sent to a new prospective client asking about Facebook ads, which I thought might be highly informative for others as well!

Hello Friend,

We, of course, offer audience building services as well as content management (update/blog writing). For this we run Facebook ads that target your target demographic. We can maximize spending efforts by targeting people that are the gender, age range specific and whose interests you feel are a best match. We can also target fans of a certain page, like Oprah’s.

A Landing Page

One key to running successful ads is to have a landing page that people are taken to that sells your offering exclusively AND to have a Facebook fan page with constant and consistent updates. Regular updates are important because Facebook only shows your updates to about 10 to 15% of your fans. Additionally, since fans aren’t necessarily online at the same time of day as the time when your update goes up, you increase the chance of fans seeing your update when you post more than once a day. This is a part of what our service relieves for you.

Facebook Advertising

We are happy to just run audience building for you, if you like. The reach on ads is, on average, targeting 250,000 to 500,000 people, so the exposure is fantastic. Resulting conversion or sales is all dependent upon how well marketed the landing pages are and the Facebook fan page because people expect to see an active and engaging page more and more as a sign that a business is popular/valid (as it shows what’s called ‘social proof’ in the popularity).

One great advantage to the Facebook advertising is that, in the history of advertising and marketing, there has never been the ability to target so that advertising dollars are spent directly on the kind of people you know would like/benefit from you. Right now it’s very cost-effective, especially for what it offers.


An additional note: Google ad words started out inexpensively, but as the demand grew, the price per click and the price of advertising through Google increased so that it can be cost-prohibitive for some. We fully expect that the same could occur with Facebook – and perhaps has begun because some of their advertising is already bid-based. So take advantage! Successful businesses always market, as they know that this is how prospective clients will find them. Be sure to follow suit! Market through Facebook on your own, inquire with us or elsewhere, but take advantage as this advertising has been proven successful already for us!

To Your Entrepreneurial Success!

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Keep a look out for next week’s email- our next topics will be on what a Landing Page  is and what information it should have; capturing your audience by turning your Social channel traffic into a list you can market to.

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