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A Successful Mindset Sings To You

Music To My Ears

authentic entrepreneur, entrepreneur mindset, successful mindsetMarketing musically today: I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like music. There is a musical genre or artist out there for everyone and everyone has their favorite bands.

Music is magical. We fall in love with a song because, like art, it can evoke a feeling as it opens our hearts and changes our energy. The right music moves us, transports us, uplifts us and it changes our behavior- often making us sing and dance.

But, it does have to be the right music. We like the bands that we like and when someone else covers their song, we still enjoy it, but it’s not the same. When asked if you’d like to go to a concert by the original band or someone covering their songs, which do you pick? Does anyone pick the copied version?

The second band is never the same. Their music, even when it is the same, doesn’t satisfy us the same way and it may even leave us seeking out ‘our band’s’ version of the song. ‘Our band’ has a certain way they sing and unique ways they play- and that is what we fell in love with. Our band’s voices and sound are the only ones who can create the same moving response in us.

Your Marketing Should Be Musical

Mindsetter: Take A Note From Your Favorite Song

As an entrepreneur, how different are you than a band? You are involved in business, but you have a unique angle, take and way of expressing yourself, just like a musician. So, similar to a musician, you need to have your unique sound heard, allowing people to fall in love with the ‘original’.

How does an entrepreneur do this? He talks about his offerings all of the time. She posts frequently and, more importantly, she blogs about her offerings.

When blogging, your biz is speaking about what you offer. Inevitably in doing so, you will also be expressing your unique way of offering your product, service or program. You blog is an opportunity to create music to the ears of your fans; it is a place for you to go on and on about how and why your biz does what it does. Similar to playing the same instruments and musical notes but doing it in a way that people identify with, your biz offerings are offered other places, but not the way you offer them. Thus, getting people to read about and identify with your ‘musical’ offering first or most means that they too will want the ‘original’ – the version by your biz.

In an internet-savvy age where information is at our fingertips and over 80,000 blogs are posted daily, you biz can only stand out when you play the sweet tune of your unique expression. Marketing is all about expressing how and why your biz offering is different and better. Music is all about something we want to enjoy and experience- be sure to make your biz offering a sought after song.

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