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The Entrepreneurial Mindset Making Marketing Faith-Based Part 1

Did You Know Marketing Is Like A Religion?

successful mindset, successful entrepreneur, authentic entrepreneurIf you understand the magic of networking, not because everyone you meet and network with will become a client or refer you, but because it gets the word out about you and your offerings, then you’ll certainly come to see marketing in a similar light, as entrepreneurs do.

“I now think my business is 90% marketing,” a client recently told me. Yes, I agreed. He continued, “What I do or how well I do it almost doesn’t matter!”

Do Your Entrepreneurial Skills Add to Your Success?

Success = Great Offerings

We take comfort in thinking that if someone is good at what they do, they’ll succeed. There is a great amount of truth in these words, but there is also a misnomer. Small businesses, or someone just starting out, tends to receive repeat business when good customer service is offered, which generally means a beneficial product or service. However, we are surrounded in life by examples that prove otherwise.

Depending on how you see things, there is a business out there that you feel doesn’t charge a fair price or whose quality is below par. It might be a fast-food restaurant that you think offers mediocre food at best or a phone or cable company you use because, although they have high prices and terrible customer service, they don’t have enough competition, so you have no alternative.

Businesses become monopolies, or brands that become the only choice available via their overwhelmingly popular brand or lack of competition, when their marketing has been an overwhelming success. Xerox and Band-Aid are examples of this. They are so well known for what they offer, so that their name has become what is offered, and ‘Xeroxing a page’ means you make a copy. We don’t say ‘copy this page’, we say ‘xerox the page’. Similarly, we don’t put ‘bandages’ on our shopping list or ask for them at the store, but rather we put and ask for ‘band-aids’ when we have a cut. The brand is now the name.

The Marketing Mindset of Big, Not Quality

Quality may be present in Xerox and Band-Aid, but we don’t question quality when using these brands. The association with the brand and what we need is what we think about. The same thing happens with other well-marketed brands. The mindset of success truly seeks out big marketing, not necessarily quality marketing. In many big brands, the mindset is marketing big, not marketing a good, beneficial offering to the public. As consumers we don’t necessarily like this, which is why some brands can pick up negative nick-names and connotations, like ‘Taco-hell’ or “Four-bucks” for Taco Bell and Starbucks. Taco Bell has had to do heavy re-branding to lift and change the negative associations linked to their food. Starbucks has lead the coffee-industry price change so that a cup of Joe that once cost fifty cents is now $4 (or more) anywhere you go.

Success Comes In The Mindset of Marketing, Even When It Is Blind Faith

Well, I hope I have shifted how you see marketing so that you start to realize that your business will enjoy success – no matter how good or bad your offerings are. Entrepreneurs who market simply do better, that’s the point.

In this age of authenticity, things are changing such that businesses who lack scruples create a negative reputation for themselves that can spread like wildfire on social media. So, the smart and successfully-minded entrepreneur knows better than to try to fool their market with a poor offering.

However, that successful-minded entrepreneur also takes on a blind faith in their marketing. The blind faith comes to play when they spend a lot of hard-earned money on marketing, which seems to yield no measurable results. Still, the successful-minded entrepreneur continues to market and network because there is no other way to get the word out about their offerings. There is no other way to hope and dream that maybe someday your business will be so popular that yours too will become a monopoly – the Holy Grail for a brand.

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