The Entrepreneurial Mindset Making Marketing Faith-Based – Part 2

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Smarter Still: The Successful-Minded Entrepreneur Uses Online Stats

success, entrepreneur, measureThe funny thing is that a lot of businesses today often miss the great insight that their computer offers them when measuring results. Ten years ago marketing only gave businesses a few insights into results: either people walked in the door or a magazine could tout its circulation.

In today’s computer-based marketing world, businesses have a lot more measurability available to them. Businesses can see how many people are being exposed to and learning about them. They can see how many visit their web page or hit links to offerings online. Last week I sat with a client who has been in business for twenty years. Her Facebook business page is doing extremely well, offering her thousands of fans and a reach above 25,000 – not bad for only working the marketing for a few months. This is information that she has never had before, so she didn’t know how to interpret it. When I pointed out that this many people were seeing her amazing art, she began to see the power of online reach,  – reach being the number of people in a given period who see her updates.

The thing about marketing is that a business has to keep the faith and keep trying to reach their potential customers. Social media is unlike any advertising before because it offers a huge audience, Facebook alone offers over 1.1 billion people with over 600 million checking in daily. No business, not even Band-Aid, can hope that everyone will use their product or service. For most businesses your target market is unlikely to be as vast as Band-Aid, but that doesn’t matter. What matters is finding your target audience, those who will be interested in becoming customers. With so many people on social media, it is a great place to market.

In Marketing, The Successful Mindset Repeats & Repeats & Repeats

Marketing thus calls for a few key behaviors: either a blind faith (or clear faith) that as you keep marketing, recognition of your business will come; an understanding that your target audience is out there and, with today’s online marketing, they are easier to find or reach than they were 10 years ago; an understanding that when you market and market and network and network and post and post, you’ll find success.

Yes, the successful mindset for any entrepreneur has more faith – blind or not- in marketing than anything else. If you still aren’t convinced, think of it this way: if you have confidence that you provide a great offering and that people will want to buy from you, then ask yourself how they will find out about your great offering. After all, people are busy with their lives, so they don’t usually go seeking out businesses they like. In today’s competitive world, no matter what you offer, there is someone else offering the same thing or something similar. The only way for your target audience to realize you are the one they should buy from is for them to know about you and for you to tell them about your great offerings.

Young ladies are often told ‘you have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince charming’. The same is true for us entrepreneurs. You have to take on a successful mindset and marketing to express your great offerings to a lot of ‘frogs’ before you find your target audience.

Believe it or not!


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