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hourglassWhen Entrepreneurs Hold A Mindset for Success They Advertise 16 Min/Hour

Thursday’s Successful Social Mindset

2014 is just around the corner when 88% of businesses are projected to be represented on social media. Why are so many businesses on social sites? Are social sites just for friends, or are they for marketing?

Marketing has changed. No, that’s not a representative statement- let’s say this: Marketing has been revolutionized. If you aren’t clear on the drastic changes in marketing, check out some of my past blogs or what marketing gurus, like Mitch Joel and Tom Asacker are writing books about. ‘Propaganda’ and ‘selling’ are out, offering value and being authentic and approachable are in.

For this reason, the successful entrepreneur markets on social channels. Success means taking advantage of ‘advertising time’ 16 minutes an hour, the average time Americans spend online on social media. These entrepreneurs realize that marketing is the only way to get the word out about their fabulous business offerings; they also are savvy enough to know that 75% of people who saw a friend sharing something on Facebook then clicked the link.

Marketing Loves A Thumbs Up: Entrepreneurs Do Too

Set Your Mindset For Success By Offering Great Content

Of course, if you are a business owner, then you are now thinking with this entrepreneurial mindset for success, right? You are now appreciating the fact that your valuable social content can help you increase interest from your online followers and the 75% of their friends who click to learn about what their friend shared about your business!

How Do You Take On A Mindset To Create Valuable Content?

Easy. If you are passionate about your business, then you are an authentic entrepreneur. And, authentic entrepreneurs (I like to say) love what they do, so much so that they love to do it and talk about it all of the time – they don’t even mind if you don’t really listen. Seek to entertain or educate in your marketing. This will give you a direction to talk towards; it will captivate your audience.

How? What Do I Put My Captivating Marketing Mindset Into?

Here’s the magic of online marketing: it is fundamentally unlimited. You can practically do anything you can conjure up to market your business, like making slideshows, podcasts, photo albums… One popular (and continuing to grow) trend is video.

When there are over 6 million hours of video watched each month on YouTube alone, then you need to become familiar with the term ‘selfie’, which was just officially added to the Oxford dictionary. A selfie is a self-taken photo – and if it doesn’t include video, well it should. One great thing about the social, online scene is that super-professional photography or video is no longer the definition of professional marketing. On the contrary, one could even make the argument that ‘selfies’ show more authenticity, as the entrepreneur is creating his or her own success. At that point, content is coming straight from the source – the expert.

As a matter of fact, our Brickfish info-graphic is even reporting that the video trend is forecasting that by the year 2017, 70% of consumer traffic will be video.

Catch Part 2 of this blog to adjust your mindset for authentic success, entrepreneur!



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