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Adjust Your Mindset For Authentic Success:

Entrepreneurs Know A Few Truths

bread and butterHere are a few things you should know or always remember: Time helps all marketing. This means that repetition is the key to marketing, an old concept. It used to be that a consumer had to see an advertisement 7 times before they were likely to take action with the brand. Since our social, online age, this number has about doubled- a new concept that should tell you, as a savvy entrepreneur, that social media is a great way to show up multiple times before your target market.

Wise entrepreneurs know that success comes overnight for some, but not most. They know that it takes money to make money, so overnight success generally already has money to market or network with. Otherwise, for the rest of us, it takes time. A business must grow their brand and their following. In your entrepreneurial mindset you are thinking of your business as a long-run venture. Thus, you need to market for the long-run. Recognize that building anything takes time, but marketing expedites people learning about your offerings.

The second thing to recognize is that you have to have a good formula in your business. You have to consistently reach new potential clients to grow your following while keeping current clients engaged. You also have to offer something new all of the time. This is because the 53% of online shoppers who clicked through to a website and purchased, found something that they wanted or needed. This means that, like everything else in life, your business must evolve. Generally speaking, a business that has no new offerings and relies on the same ol’, same ol’ will grow stagnant unless they can find enough new clients to support the business, which is uncommon.

A Mindset of Bread & Butter: Success Is Social & Repetitive

Your Current Followers Feed Your Funnel

Having an entrepreneurial endeavor is tricky! Unless you’ve been to business school – and received social and modern online marketing training- there are several balls for you to juggle. Marketing is all about expressing what your business offers as a brand. It is all about new business and knowing that your ‘regular customers are your bread and butter.

Using your social media marketing, you must keep them entertained or educated so that they help you reach new followers. In other words, when your social media followers share your content, their friends see it. This is called viral marketing, which all successful entrepreneurs want to have. Since current followers have to share your content for you to enjoy some virality, you need to offer content that invokes an action to share the content as opposed to just reading it. This is how your current customers, which statistically are the ones who buy from you regularly and, therefore, are your bread and butter, are also the ones who will feed your funnel. They are the ones spreading the good word about your business so they are going to help you work towards having 100k+ fans to increase the engagement, or the interactions, on your social channels, which, in turn, increases your following.

Set Your Mindset Towards 100K & Then Get Social

No need to worry if you are nowhere near 100 thousand Facebook fans. It takes time. Again, Time helps all marketing. If you are in business to build something authentic that you are passionate about, then you’ll take on the mindset for success that uses great statistics and information to your businesses marketing benefit. You’ll juggle everything you need to juggle including engaging current customers and fans, offering new products and being consistent with your marketing.

The mindset for success asks that entrepreneurs go back to their kindergarten book of ‘the little train that could’ and you’ll happily keep trekking, happily talking about your fabulous business offerings through your social and online marketing.



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