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The Entrepreneurial Mindset of Success is Today

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The Mindset of Success is Today to the Enlightened Entrepreneur

Our language has a lot of cliches and adages like ‘it takes money to make money’ or ‘give to receive’. The truth beneath these sayings comes from a universal law in which an activated energy will attract more of the same vibration. Have you ever heard of tuning forks? They all have different notes and when a tuning fork that sounds C, for example, is hit, the reverberation will then cause other C forks to sound, but not forks of other frequencies.

Of course, if you are familiar with the law of attraction then you’ll be used to thinking of this as ‘you attract the energy you activate’. Either way, entrepreneurs use this awareness and thus act as if they are successful today, not tomorrow.

Enlightened entrepreneurs will hold this successful mindset regardless of their circumstances. Not only will they treat their success as if it is here today when they are setting up a new product or service and still don’t have something for purchase, but they will also apply this mindset in other ways.

A Mindset of “Yes”

Every enlightened entrepreneur had their own unique offering and their own expert’s journey. This means that what is right or what works for one entrepreneur may not work for another. However, an open mind that is not bound or dictated by money or a lack/failure mentality is a must, regardless.

When it comes to your entrepreneurial biz, whether you are looking at taking your biz to the next level by opening a second store, hiring your first employee or increasing in a similar significant way, hold a mindset for success.

Entrepreneurs are unique because we are courageous where most may not be. We are creating something that will eventually be larger than us, but knowing how to do so – when we haven’t done it before and most of us didn’t go to a biz and marketing school- can be tricky.

The Mindset of Allowing

There are formulas to determine success for an entrepreneur. One absolute is that Enlightened entrepreneurs need to be smart enough to realize that, their income aside, they can’t do it all. One of the most common mistakes entrepreneurs make is that they don’t allow themselves to be helped. They try to run their own books or they limit themselves by not branding or marketing themselves.

Holding a mindset of success means that having someone run your books who is faster and better at it that you means that your resources – the largest most precious being your time – are being used wisely. It means that you are allowing a bookkeeper or accountant to save you money (and time). Making sure your branding and marketing are in place means you know how to express your strengths and your unique and beneficial offerings. It can drastically increase the growth of your biz, so money spent here is like renting a tux to go to a formal event instead of trying to make yourself a suit when you aren’t a tailor.

How are you showing up at a networking event? How are you responding when someone asks ‘what do you do?’ Are you captivating and catalyzing more questions or boring people?

If you wish to hold the mindset of success, then you’ll treat your biz as though it were the belle at the ball and you won’t hold back when it comes to making sure that your biz is the best from your systems to how you present them.


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