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The Three Essentials To Selling On Facebook

How to Sell On Facebook

How to Sell on Facebook Series

This is the first post in my How to Sell on Facebook Series. In this series I will be describing in detail the steps to successful monetization of Facebook. I will also include the actual steps to creating one of the most powerful types of ads on Facebook.

The key to successful selling on Facebook is to realize that, more times than not, the sale occurs off Facebook not on it. The actual sale occurs on your website, not on your Facebook Page. Your Facebook Page gives you Social Proof (digital word of mouth) and awareness of your brand, product or service. Facebook Business Pages are one of the quickest ways to build brand awareness. However, to make an actual sale, you need to move potential customers from your Facebook Page to your website.

My Social Media Marketing firm has been helping both local and national businesses with their Social Media Marketing for over 5 years now. During these 5 years awareness of the power of Social Media and how it works has grown. However, I am still taken back by how many businesses, whether they be local businesses, coaches, or authors make a common mistake.

Hoping to increase sales they spend a lot of time building up their Facebook Business Page, but complain that it isn’t doing anything. When I ask them if they have a landing page on their website where a potential customer can make a purchase, more times than not the answer is, ‘what is a landing page?’ When I check their website it is not uncommon to find that, not only is there no landing page, but there isn’t a place where the potential customer can purchase the product at all. Or if there is such a page it is difficult to find or designed in such a way that it is hard to tell if the owner is actually selling anything.

There are three essential components on how to sell on Facebook. They are:

1) Build a Facebook Business Page with a quality, engaged audience (fans are always easier to sell to than non-fans)

2) Create a Link Share Post/Ad that entices your targeted audience to click through to a Landing Page on your website. A Link Share Post is a special type of Facebook Post that when clicked on directs them to a page on your website. The reach of the Link Share Post can be increased dramatically through the Facebook Ad platform. The enticement to click on the ad can either be a special promotion or a Lead Magnet. A Lead Magnet is a piece of content that is of great interest to the potential customer. It is offered for free in exchange for the potential customer’s email address.

3) Create a Landing Page on your website. The Landing Page is a special page on your website used for either selling your offer, or describing your Lead Magnet, in which case there is an optin form to collect the user’s email address. A Landing Page should be designed to be easy to read and have minimum distractions or places to click. In other words, you normally don’t want to have menu links to other pages on your website on your Landing Page. When a potential customer clicks on a link to another page on your website thereby leaving the Landing Page, chances are they might not make it back to the Landing Page and you lose the sale or lead.

In my next series of posts on How to Sell on Facebook, I will be describing each of the three steps in detail including how to create a Facebook Link Share Ad, one of the most powerful ads on Facebook.

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