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​Hello my entrepreneurial friends!
As you may know, I find entrepreneurs to be brave! You go and create something out of nothing and tackle everything from bookkeeping to marketing – plus your biz’ offering! That is a lot, I know. Along the way, there’s nothing more that I like than having help from a trusted source-

Free Course

So I’m offering you a course to help you improve the effectiveness of your website. When you sign up to receive this gift, you’ll receive a link to my course “How To Make Your Website Convert”.
The idea to the course is that 90% of websites out there, according to Eben Pagan (the expert to the experts), are not serving the business they were created for because they are either confusing or not created for the viewer. Successful websites are customer-centric, or viewer-friendly as I call it, so that they speak to the target audience, creating higher conversions for the business.

Your Website

I talk about your website as being your virtual brick and mortar because it is the one place online where people expect to buy from you and they expect to learn all about you, the way they would in a physical store or business. Thus, your website is one of your key and most important marketing pieces, so make sure that it serves your business by speaking to your target audience.


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