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Replace Online Marketing Efforts with Online Marketing Integration

marketing planAs a Social Media Marketing Firm, we see a lot of businesses that run their marketing effectively, leading to sales and other great results, and others that run theirs fruitlessly, leaving them disillusioned and empty-handed. Marketing is as vital to a prospering business as water is to fish because the flow of new water can bring an endless stream of food to the fish just like a marketing stream can constantly bring new customers to a business. Marketing is all about getting the good word about your business and brand – but marketing is also all about knowing the appropriate timing and message to be delivered through the appropriate channels, or marketing marketing

Businesses today have a myriad of online marketing available to them. Their website can blog about their offerings, they can link to their social channels, have an email list and so on.

Many businesses might, for example, have a social media channel, like Facebook or Twitter, but are they integrating their social channels with the events listed on the website? Is your business integrating the information you market with effectively, taking advantage of your marketing efforts?

The Advertised Road To No Where

When you post a great blog about an event or a new product you offer, who will see it? Sure some people might be searching the internet or your blog for such an event and find your blog post, but why not maximize your efforts?

There are so many websites and businesses online today that relying on the few people who will come to your site is like the old adage ‘leaving money on the table’. This is also true when you send an email to your email list but include no online link. Or posting great updates on Facebook without ever referring to your website!

All Marketing Roads Should Lead To Your Website

The internet evokes a great image that is like a spider’s web in which all ‘roads’ intersect and, ultimately, lead to the same place. That one place you want all of your marketing to lead to is your website and the message or offering that you want customers and potential clients to find. However, this only happens when the roads are all pointing in the same direction because they are coordinated, providing the same information.

Your marketing needs to do the same thing. While different marketing mediums serve different purposes, they all need to work together in their efforts to create an integrated message. Just like our metaphor of the internet or a spider’s web, your marketing mediums need to work symbiotically to create one powerful campaign.

Why A Follower Needs To Be Lead

It’s true that once you have a follower online as a fan or subscribed to your blog and email, they are connected to your business. However, marketing plans leave gaps in the road when they assume that someone subscribed to their blog will know about the newest dress that just came in the store.

Maximizing marketing efforts means that you let your social media fans know that you just snapped some pictures of the fabulous new dress you have for sale, which they can see by going to your blog. Your blog can write all about the dress’ designer or fabric, encouraging readers to sign up for your email to be notified of future additions to your shop and to be pointed to a blog all about the designer or all about the organic fabrics you select. In any case, the idea is to create several ripples in the pond with your marketing efforts by communicating your vast knowledge and offerings to as many people as possible through all of your marketing channels.

A cohesive message this way creates a more orchestrated and melodious message. This method can simplify your marketing efforts, because you’ll only create one message at a time and just translate it into the appropriate message for each marketing channel. It will also save you time and enhance your marketing reach, by allowing you to reach more people at the same time. Most of all, by enhancing your communication and message, your business will enjoy greater audience engagement, which will translate to greater sales.


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