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Intentful Entrepreneurs Hold A Mindset of Constant Branding

Entrepreneurs: Intentfully Chose Your Signature

intentful entrepreneur, intentful mindset, intentful businessBranding Your Name

“Who Are You?” – asked the caterpillar in Alice in Wonderland.

Sometimes it’s the simple things that set the core of everything that follows, like seeds in a garden. No matter what you do to the garden, only changing the seeds will grow something new.

My young daughter often hears the same words when words like ‘bran’ and ‘brand’ are spoken. It’s funny, your brand is important to know both for yourself personally and your business because without the clarity, you can’t express yourself or expect others to perceive you as you prefer. Similar to bran though, your brand thus gives you all the nutrients or all of the important aspects of who you are and your purpose.

Does Everything an Entrepreneur Says Matter?

Intentfully, Yes

Today I was thinking about my closing signature on my emails. One of the tips marketing gurus give over and over is to make sure your website and social links are in your signature. Mine are, of course, and if yours are not, add your biz phone number too. Think of your emails as offering a ‘digital’ biz card in your closing and include the information you would put on a card. Be smart though, don’t put too much info here. Think concise, and limit yourself to what would fit on a biz card because people who’se email signatures are usually longer than the body of what they write… well, it’s a bit obnoxious to have such a long signature and it gives the impression that you think too much of yourself. Less is more (when you include your core information) and it will get more attention.

Back to my topic for today- the core of your email signature is in your name and the title that you put before it. In other words, whether you use “warmly”, “cheers”, “thank you” or any other closing before your name, this too, like seeds in a garden, sets your brand.

Is that too detailed for you? Well, when you take on the mindset of an intentful entrepreneur you can see that everything that you express represents you. Everything you say sets energy in motion relative to your experience, so it does matter.

Now, I’m not saying that choosing the wrong closing is going to doom you- not by any means. I’m really pointing out that I spent time thinking about how what I write (often thanks or nothing at all) and how it reflects upon me. What it says.

I did this because when you know yourself and you know your brand, then everything that sprouts from your garden will be congruous. When you take the time to choose to know yourself and brand yourself/your biz then you create a core identify from which all else stems.

A successful mindset is intentful. Take on your intent by branding or re-branding yourself. A garden with hap-hazard seeds grows who-knows-what. A garden with a core brand yields growth and results you prefer.

To Your Intentful Success


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