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Online Marketing 101: Online Marketing 101 (Repetition Is The Key)

remoteYou might think that, if you were already big like HBO, you would have it made. You wouldn’t have to try to do anything because people would know about your great programming and you’d make a ton of money. Right?

One of my clients has one of the largest restaurants in Santa Fe, which is saying something because, if you know anything about restaurants, it’s a tough business. Statistically well-over half of them don’t survive. Having one of the largest restaurants, therefore, means that he’s doing something right. In addition to having the passion to keep his menu fresh and exciting, he is always marketing, just like HBO. I guess you’d call me a True Blood fan because I’ve watched through most of the seasons and, last Sunday, I paid close attention to the previews for the next episode. This, of course, is marketing. Then I noticed a second spot in which a baby Jessica-vampire website was being advertised. First time I’d seen it, so I looked on line, following this second marketing hook HBO offered. Next I thought, one of my favorite things about HBO is the lack of commercials. But wait, they do show me other shows that they offer- sometimes shows even run ads for the same show you are currently watching!

Are you asking yourself why HBO markets the show you are watching? Or why a large, successful restaurant would always market? Would it surprise you to find out that, even when their social media is successful, they both keep looking for new ways to market?

Like HBO, my client and every other successful business markets – and they market all of the time in new and different ways.

Building A Reputation Means Building A Brand

For some knowing how to brand yourself or your business might be intuitive, but for most learning how to express your business as a brand and knowing how to use online and traditional marketing is not obvious. Perhaps it should be, because we all understand that rumors can spread false information about us, so we tell our friends the truth about ourselves all of the time. Similarly, no rumors will spread about us when we haven’t met someone and no one has spoken of us. In the world of advertising they say that any press is good, because then you’re being spoken of and people are getting to know you. This is true, but proper online marketing will ensure a buzz and a brand about you and your offerings that you want others to know.

Like HBO Market Online All Of The Time

As an expert of social media and perception, it’s been fun for me to watch movies and television shows embrace social media. Although they weren’t the first on the social scene, like Ford was, they are finding the same benefits that many authentic entrepreneurs find in online marketing: they get to be repetitive. Commercials have always been this way on television. We used to tune them out because otherwise, we’d sing the jingles or repeat the ads verbatim, the way marketers wanted us to. Well, I suspect that Hollywood has been slow to embrace social media because it forces them to create more ‘spots’ and ads.

It used to be that your marketing included designing the layout or script, and once that was done, your advertising was done until the campaign ended. Today’s 24/7 social scene doesn’t sleep. You have the huge advantage of being able to repeat messages time and time again and you can change the messages, images, videos, sound clippings and so on as often as you like. But you have to do it all of the time.

I noticed that baby Jessica’s cool website is like a video-journal. Great marketing strategy. It may cost HBO, who seems to be backing it, the money to have the actress create videos, but their costs should be lower than traditional ads. The downside is that someone needs to be scripting or blogging for them consistently. The consistency is what provides the repetition. Unlike traditional jingles, today’s customers don’t like to be sold to with the same old message. Instead, they like to be social, learning more about a business, or a story, like baby Jessica’s. And this can’t be done in a better way that creating your own press and repeating your story. There is no better way to create your brand or reputation than by marketing, even to those already watching your show. Actually, this is the strongest and wisest marketing method because it upholds your reputation and keeps interested fans or customers enjoying and thinking about you.

Social media and online marketing facilitate your creating this brand. They are like megaphones for authentic entrepreneurs who want an inexpensive medium to talk and talk about what they love repeatedly. The internet today provides so many mediums for your creative online marketing that your greatest limiting factors will be your time and creativity.

Now that you know the secret to marketing like HBO, or my successful restaurant-client, be sure to repeat your message over and over again.



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