Marketing 101: Never Stop Talking

The Most Successful Biz Market More Than You’d Guess

I was just down in a resort in Mexico in a beautiful all-inclusive hotel. That means that their approximate 100 square acres, 3000 plus rooms and 4 lobbied- hotel had a lot to offer. I think there were at least 6 pools and a couple access points to the Caribbean ocean with at least a mile of ocean.

Now, once a guest is here, is there a need to continue to advertise? Haven’t they already bought the ticket? Aren’t they already sold?

You might think so, but marketing 101 says no.

Never Stop Touting & Telling

I sat in one of the grand lobbies to our hotel. As I looked around this lobby that was larger than most houses, I saw the reception desk, a bar, a concierge area, a shop, the bellboy station, a photo station and a bit more. I also saw several posters: Car rentals, excursions to pyramids or eco-parks, Spa services, time shares…

Frankly, some of the posters looked inviting and interesting. As a guest, they helped me gain a full scope of what I could do here and what options were available.

Sure, they were mostly about spending more money here, but they also did something else…

The Business Mindset: Create A Perception of Fun

Depending on the kind of biz you have, you often have to guide a client or customer’s experience. While this can sound manipulative, it is important to realize that anything can be manipulated. Your intentions are far more important because you can certainly set out to improve a client’s experience.

When we go somewhere new it is easy for us to miss things. When someone tells you that you are going to have a good time and they point out what you are going to love, you tend to have a better time and notice what they emphasized. For example, this hotel included meals in their price and the buffets were fantastic. To enhance the resort experience, at check-in everyone is told that they can make reservations at the more formal, sit-down restaurants. The choices included at least a Mediterranean, Mexican, Italian, Japanese restaurant and several others, many on the beach.

Just like the many excursions to parks, pyramids and ecological parks, the restaurants could almost go unnoticed by a new guest- and the time-shares for sale across the street could certainly go unseen.

With their marketing in place, the hotel continued to market a perception along with add-ons because currents guests are the best buyers. The hotel went out of its way to ensure that guests had great food, great service, activities, pools and an ocean to choose from – all so that the guest feels pampered and as though they had a great experience. That perception is priceless because word-of-mouth is one of the most beneficial sales strategies, bringing hotel guests back again or attracting new ones.

Then, of course, there’s also the up-sell or the add-ons which are different ways in which the guest spends more money beyond their hotel cost. Whether it is just a taxi ride to town (because the hotel guests a cut every time they call a taxi), a massage or a time-share sale, these items generally don’t sell themselves. Although we all know that the bellboy can get us a taxi and we all know that resorts have spas, a successful business mindset reminds us and paints a beautiful picture of a relaxing haven in their spa. Listing taxi pricing means guests have no question about the service available and they don’t have to figure out where to find the service.

Mindset of Happy

Marketing is mostly about giving people what will make them happy or make them feel better. It is also about putting forth or emphasizing a perception of greater happiness and wellbeing and then delivering these. Again, this is because no one has time to stop and smell the roses, even when we are on vacation. However, when you point out the roses, your clients or customers are far more likely to smell them.

A flower shop knows this. People who come in to buy flowers still need to be marketed to and walking into a flower shop is sweet. Don’t you walk in, see all the flowers, smell them and get enticed?

Be sure to employ a mindset of perception and happiness in your biz because this will help you have clients and customers who are taking advantage of what you have to offer, preferring your offering and then – hopefully- telling others about it.

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