Marketing Strategy #1

Case Study: How To Market the Energy Biz

I went to lunch with a new friend from a networking group recently. She is a Feng Shui consultant and, like many small biz owners, she’ wondering how best to market herself. She asked me about content marketing in which you pay a content company to write for your biz. The idea here is that you save time or money because you let the company research, write and stay up to date with industry trends.

I told her that for some biz’ this does very well. Given that blogs are now the primary way that people are finding out about a new biz and that businesses that blog more often enjoy a higher lead to conversion ratio, it’s a great idea. Whether it is updates or blogs being written, or even your marketing emails. To take this a step further, your content can be tailored to your biz or general for your industry (which can save you money).

I also acknowledged that content for a restaurant is something we are all familiar with, so writing for a restaurant is easy. My marketing firm gets to know our clients and get to understand the biz and can write for most any biz. I understood her hesitation in working with a friend of hers for content. Even though he does content marketing, Feng Shui requires a mindset about energy, form and flow. Thus, writing for her biz could be difficult for an outsider.

She agreed that this was what she was hesitant about- and was obviously wondering how to ramp up her biz’ marketing.

I told her that whether she hires out her content or not, she needed a foundation in her marketing. To utilize Facebook to her advantage, she needed to start to run updates. She could hire out updates, like our well-being updates, and just modify them to fit her biz’ brand. This way she could add the flair to an update about ‘harmonious spaces’ or ‘spaces that promote prosperity’. She could truly do the same with blogs.

Turn Social Into News

My friend was having difficulty figuring how to market herself because a lot of people don’t know what Feng Shui is or they have misconceptions about it.

Social media is great for initially attracting people who, in my friend’s case, are interested in harmonious spaces. A well-run page, coupled with Lead Generation through Facebook, can help her grow an email list of people who want to learn more about beneficial environments and improving a living or work space. Consistently sending information to the list, as she continues to grow the list, would soon provide people who would like to have their space Feng Shui’d – by her biz.

My friend was animated and happy at the advice and ideas.

When it comes to marketing, always remember that you have an audience, even when your audience isn’t aware they are interested (even though they are, but don’t recognize it). You can always hire a marketing expert to help you understand how to use social and online marketing to benefit your biz, but you can also remember that you have to market. No matter what, post, tweet, blog and send news (email) so that people are informed about your biz and services. A marketing expert can help you know how to market, but they’ll certainly tell you that you must get the good word out. Why? Because people can’t want what you offer when they don’t know about it!

Thus, your #1 marketing strategy is to spread the good word.

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