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The 80/20 ruleIn our last email we emphasized building a following and then making updates constant and consistent to keep yourself and your brand fresh in fans minds. But what sort of content should you be sharing?

The 80/20 Rule

One of the essentials to a successful social strategy is to not promote so much that your followers stop paying attention. Instead you want to give your fans something to look forward to when they click that button to receive your messages.

The 80/20 Rule is a loose guideline to help you determine how much of your content should be fun, informational or interesting versus how much you should self-promote. In a nutshell, you should try to ensure that no more than 20% of your updates are focused on selling or self promotion.

Captivate and Engage

Grow your following organically when your fans want to share and interact with your updates. Stunning photography, inspirational quotes and even quirky jokes can all help keep your brand in the fore of their minds while not promoting a particular product.

You also want to engage your audience. Ask questions, interact with them and, of course, answer their questions in return. If you can, give them a stake in the outcome. It can be as simple an option as what to name a new item, or as complicated as what they would like to see in the future. Either way they feel as if their opinion is being considered..


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