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Parrots & Successful Intentful Entrepreneurs

Intentful Experts Have A Parrot-Like Mindset

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Yes, I said it. The metaphor is like a parrot that parrots away, saying the same things over and over and over. Now, I don’t want you to feel insulted, instead I want you to see the benefit of parroting: parrots have a well-known brand.

Intentful experts succeed when they also have an intentful brand. People get to know them and know the benefit in coming to them. They know that the intentful expert dedicates themselves to doing what they love, so they are the best at it. People know that this is who they need to turn to when the time comes.

The Intentful Expert Entrepreneur:

I have a client who is an artist and who is revisiting some of his branding, wanting to be sure to be seen in the right light. The truth is, my client wants to have an elevated, intellectual brand. As an artist, this might make sense if that is what his audience wants and if it is who he authentically is.

Intentful entrepreneurs have the advantage of knowing their subject inside and out. My artist client knows art inside and out, but he doesn’t necessarily know whether his target market expects him to have an intellectual brand, especially when marketed on social media. It used to be that artists and galleries needed to portray an elevated stature to stand out or distinguish themselves. However, in the Age of Authenticity, this can often be misconstrued as arrogant. People on social channels are looking for things to be familiar, friendly, and approachable. If an intellectual stature is authentically the artist’s brand, then it is important to stay true to the authenticity. Otherwise, what will appeal most to his fans or potential fans will be a more ‘real’ expression of himself.

Intentful Entrepreneurs Are Real

Yes, in this age, people have a calling to be authentic and express themselves as they are. People are seeking and finding their true gifts and strengths, and when expressed, they are also finding appreciation and abundance in their authenticity.

Social media has brought forth an era in which the truth is flushed out. When companies seemed uncaring of clients, like when Bank of America tried increasing rates, there was a social media outpouring of people expressing their dislike of such an increase. Although it created undesirable press for Bank of America, it also gave them an opportunity to get immediate feedback and make a change to keep from making a large mistake that could have cost them a lot of business.

With people and businesses posting regularly, the truth comes out. Social media has an automatic check and balance system to it in the sense that scams or poor treatment of others is quickly spread. Thus, social media has created a great system of accountability which rewards the authentic expression of an intentful entrepreneur but creates a negative buzz or no buzz around in-authentic brands or people.

So Parrot Away

Unlike it was back in school, social media today lets you be you and express yourself- informally, as it were. Don’t focus on form, focus on your expression! Touting your love of your specialty as an expert and squawking away about how you see the world through your specialty is expressing your experience. People always prefer this because it isn’t formal and boring, but rather it genuinely holds a never-ending passion and brilliance that is like music to their ears. The more they hear, the more they know – that you know.



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