Part 1: The Entrepreneur’s Intentful Presence Relates

A Relating Mindset

intentful entrepreneur, intentful mindset, authentic entrepreneurIf you are an entrepreneur, then a lot of your business revolves around getting new business. Statistically, to maintain your current business income in a repeating biz model, you need 30% new clients each month to account for the 30% that will stop coming to you for one reason or another. Of course, if your biz model requires all new sales each month, then relating well with people is even more important.

Any good marketer will tell you that getting new business is about WIFT (what’s in it for them), about understanding and empathizing with your prospective client (understanding their pain or problem) and knowing how to solve their problem and uplift them.

This means relating.

Intentful Relating for an Intentful Entrepreneur

Successful entrepreneurs understand the importance of being able to relate. When you have good relationships, you have an ability to connect with your clients and customers and make it clear that you can help them. Yes, good communication is an age-old key to new business.

On the one hand, that is what your branding and your marketing is all about – as they express your business and offerings. On the other hand, if you can improve your ability to relate with people, you can improve the energetic and emotional connection you create in any of your interactions with prospective business.

3 Ways to Relate Intentfully

1 Be Clear

Clarity – even as I write this, it sounds too simple. However, if you want to make sure people understand you, then you have to make sure that you are making it easy to be understood.

A quick backstory for you: once upon a time, I worked in an office. I was granted permission to work with the company’s sales manager, creating graphics and organizing a huge car sale, which we had to get dealerships to buy into. A couple of times during this project the sales manager stopped and looked at me with disbelief and complimented me on my ability to support her by anticipating her needs, staying organized and keeping things on track without nagging her or adding to her pressure.

The moral of the story: when you are intentful, you make it easy for those around you by always being clear. You step out of your shoes of understanding and you step into their view of the world (or their problem) so that you forgoe how your see things, since you have an ‘inside view’, and you make it easy, obvious and approachable for them.

In other words, if you aren’t being clear, you aren’t relating at their level.

One of the hardest things for anyone to do, whether they are trying to express something to a client, to their lover or in their marketing is to get out of their own head. This is because once we know that 1 + 1 = 2, we lose site as to how to explain the concept we have internalized. This is so true of the human experience that teachers are taught to have students that understand a lesson turn around and teach it to those who still don’t. See, the student still understands what is not understandable. They are still speaking a language, or are holding a perception, of the ‘outside view’ where the obvious is not. It is so obvious that you’ve often internalized it, but others still don’t see the writing on the wall.

Thus, the intentful entrepreneur in their intent to be successful, recognize that they need to make their clients successful; to do this, they recognize that they need to make no assumptions about what the client knows and be willing to take the time to try to make things clear from square one.

Again, the mindset of success is about being clear ensures that you are relating at your potential client’s level (or your current clients and customers). This means they aren’t held responsible for not knowing things, even the basics. If they did, they may not be coming to you as an expert, so relate by letting them relax when they don’t know – make it clear for them.
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