Part 2: The Entrepreneur’s Intentful Presence Relates

A Relating Mindset

intentful mindset, intenful entrepreneur, authentic entrepreneurPart 1 Review: Intentful Relating

In Part 1 of The Entrepreneur’s Intentful Presence Relates we spoke about the importance of relating well with potential and current customers or clients – because people do business with those they know, like and trust. In order people to knowing us, liking us and trusting us more, we need to relate well.

How so? In Part 1 we went over one of the simplest yet most important ways to relate well – be clear.

Now, let’s move on to the second way to relate well, by knowing.

2 Know You, Know Your Brand

 Whether you are an artist a school teacher, a farmer, a restaurant owner, a doctor or just about any other kind of biz owner, you have a story to tell. Relate it well and people will know, like and trust you.

Your brand is your story. It holds your purpose and it also tells how you wish to relate with others, including clients and customers. As your story, it is also the message you most need to relate to others.

A clearly thought-out and planned brand has a strong presence. It makes it easy to be intentful and achieve your goals. This is because it helps you help yourself in your biz and it helps you help your customers.

Even in the most beginning stages of acquiring new biz, you will fumble if you don’t know who you are and what you do. Whether you deal with individual clients or just sell online, the first impression you make in person or when someone sees any of your marketing, website or physical biz will determine whether they will consider becoming a paying client or customer. In other words, within a couple of minutes (or less) your words or impressions must represent all that your biz offers. Of course, this is impossible. Still, with everything you have going on in a day, you don’t spend ten minutes truly considering every biz that you see. Just walking down the street, talking on your way to lunch you’ll make instant, subconscious decisions about stores or restaurants you’ll forget you saw and the ones you’d like to come back to.

As such, when you have someone’s attention, you have to be able to express the right thing at the right time regarding your biz. Life is likely to catch you off guard and in scenarios you weren’t quite prepared for. When you know your brand so well that your tag line and elevator pitch roll off your tongue, then you have a few quick words to entice and a quick two minute story to further interest the right audience.

Not everyone is going to be your customer or client because not everyone will benefit from your offerings. Thus, you want to represent yourself clearly to get the attention of your true potential customers and dissuade those who aren’t, saving you both time.

People who know their personal or biz brand have more personal power. They represent themselves well so that they relate better; they come across more clearly. This instills more getting to know, like and trust them, which means more biz.

The intentful entrepreneur knows that his or her brand relates well. It humanizes their biz and provides something that clients and customers can relate with through the telling of their story. Be sure to take on this mindset for success so that you relate with more clarity and more personal power that comes from knowing your brand.

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