Part II Successful Mindset of An Entrepreneur

The CCF Mindset Entrepreneurs Use When Writing Their Emails

authentic entrepreneur, successful entrepreneur, email marketingIn part 1 of this blog we talked about the importance of understanding whether you have a good list of people interested in receiving your emails and what the average open rate is within your industry to determine if you are getting people’s attention or not. After all, a poor list with a below-average open rate will tell us that your email is unlikely to sell anything, regardless of what you offer.

On the other hand, interested people who welcome your emails – or even look forward to them- are likely to purchase from you. If you find yourself in this scenario but aren’t selling, let’s look at the successful mindset of an entrepreneur who sells via email.

The Top 3 Conversion Techniques:

Entrepreneurs Who Succeed have a CCF Mindset when writing their emails

  • Offer a Call To Action

  • Are Consistent

  • Focus on Selling

A Call to action

Have you gotten on a website or walked in a restaurant and wondered what to do? I’m surprised at how often I can’t figure out the purpose of a website because navigation or their offerings aren’t clear. Or how about when you walk into a restaurant, can’t figure out what kind of food they have or whether you will be seated by the hostess or are to seat yourself?

A call to action is one of the smartest things an entrepreneur does- they let their audience know what they are doing and what they expect the audience to do. A clearly written action phrase like ‘Purchase X here’ or ‘Get your copy of X’ or ‘Attend our X event’ let’s your audience know what they can do with you.

Audiences that don’t know what is expected of them tend to take no action or can be confused by too many options, so a clear email will offer only one or two calls to action within the email’s message

The Call of Consistency

When you listen to most experts speak about what makes you successful, they all say that consistency is a must and tends to be more important than technique. Have you ever received a marketing email with an outdated style and wondered how they boast success or so many people on their email list? Now you know how they do it – they might not have an appealing style or format, but their consistency is making up for it.

Be regular about what and when you send your emails. Your email offerings will vary, but seek to always offer the same theme of entertaining or educating your audience about your offering. When you are always -basically- speaking about the same thing, such as healthy foods or semi-precious jewelry, then your audience knows what to look forward to. Offering different diets or supplements for foods and selling different jewelry pieces won’t throw them, but rather offer variety. This kind of variety that comes within the same theme of what you offer makes it such that your audience gets know your brand and starts to see you as the expert in your industry.

It is also important to always send your email out consistently, whether it is the same day of the week each week or the same days of the month. This way your audience won’t be disappointed when they don’t hear from you, but rather will know when to look forward to receiving -and reading- your email.

Focus on Selling

Finally, be certain to keep your sales pitch focused and simple. No one likes receiving an email with multiple call to actions asking you to make multiple purchases. True, targeted audiences enjoy receiving and reading your email, when they have time. When your focus on selling is simple, they can appreciate the offering without feeling pressured or sold to.

A great way to do this is to put your offering first as the focal piece in your email. Talk about so that people can develop interest in your offering and not just be sold to. Then go on to provide your usual entertainment or educational focus within your industry. This is how you offer the best of both worlds: you are providing content that is interesting and an opportunity to do more through the purchase.

It’s not to say that you can’t offer another item within your same email, but you want to be clear. A second offering can come after the interest piece and be less prounounced.

The Successful Mindset Makes Things Clear

When you off CCF – Call to action, Consistency & Focus on selling- your audience can enjoy being marketed to because it they’ll like the content you offer and be far more interested in purchasing.

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