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The Power of Your Authentic Business As An Expression Of You – Part 2

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The Power of a conscious, authentic business

In The Power of an Authentic Business Part 1 I spoke about the power of living life as an extension of you, who you are both now and who you wish to be. I gave an example of how focusing on who I wanted to be caused life to line up and match that state of being. In this blog I will show how this applies to growing a business, and how this is the true definition of not only an Authentic Business, but a Conscious Business.

Empowerment comes when your life is aligned to who you are

Empowerment comes when your life is aligned to who you are, when your outer world matches your inner world. When your outer world matches your inner world there is no need to pretend or try to be someone you are not. Have you ever met someone who always speaks their mind? There is a power in being up front and not feeling like you have to pretend. You may not always like what an upfront person says, but you always know where you stand.

An Authentic Business can only exist as an expression of you

In the same way, an Authentic Business can only exist when it is an expression of who you are. If it is not it will be a struggle and not be fulfilling. In this age of authenticity, both people who live authentic lives and Authentic Businesses are moving into the forefront. It takes a lot of energy to live a lie, which in the extreme case is what living an un-authentic life is. In the same way, it takes a lot more effort to create and build a business that is not in alignment with who you are.

When you look at your life you see that it is all about expansion. Personal growth is expansion. As you grow, who you are gets bigger. Entrepreneurship is all about expansion. As you grow and empower yourself, it is reflected in your outer world and you become more successful. A Conscious Business requires a conscious person. As your consciousness expands, and you align your outer world to that expanded consciousness in your inner world, your outer world also expands. If you have a business, it too cannot help but to be more conscious and authentic.

I promised I would give you a recent example of this. During the past few months, Kalyn (my life partner and partner in our business) and I have been looking deeply at where we are in self and who we wish to become. Our company, Social Media Pathways is in its third year. It has done well in becoming one of the largest Social Media Companies in New Mexico, and the largest Social Media Companies nationwide that specializes in Art Galleries and Artists. It all sounds good, but we are still a small company.

Following our spiritual principles Kalyn and I spent time focusing on self first and then focusing on our outer world second. In part one I gave an example of how this manifested in the form of a car that reflected who we wished to become. In looking at who I wished to become, I desired to rise to the next level, to see myself as a more expanded and empowered version of who I am. When I had a good sense of this I decided to apply this to our business. Kalyn had her vision of who she wished to become and much of it was in alignment with my vision of where I wanted be in my life.

Kalyn and I love to travel and we travel abroad several times a year. Our favorite places are tropical paradises where we can enjoy life and spend time connecting deeply with who we are. Every time we take these travels it seems our lives jump up to a new level. A couple of months ago, we were in the beautiful Mayan Riviera in the tropical Mexican Yucatan jungle. The beaches there are some of the best in the world. They have white sand made from coral that never gets too hot in the sun. While we were there we got word that one of our key employees was leaving. Actually, he left the company to work for one of our clients. At the same time, the client stopped our services without telling us the reason why, being that they wanted to hire our employee directly.

Initially, there was a brief panic as many of our clients love this employee and we didn’t have a replacement. Our budget was tight as it was and the combination of losing a client and a key employee while we were away seemed on the surface to be a setback. However, instead of going into a contraction and jeopardizing the wonderful vacation we were having, I chose to focus on who I wished to be in my expansion and make any decision from that place. Kalyn and I discussed it and we decided to invest in our company’s expansion instead of contracting. Even though we didn’t have the money to spend on the business, we chose to raise it up in alignment to who we wished to be in our personal expansion.

We both desired our lives to have more quality and at the same time be more expanded. For this to be reflected in our business we needed to take it to the next level as a first class business that provides the best service and product possible. We chose to hire a person that would reflect this even if it meant we needed to pay them more. We also gave our present employee a raise and make her a manager. From a strictly business standpoint, paying employees more money when the company had just lost income doesn’t make ‘good’ business sense. However, from the standpoint of building a Conscious, Authentic Business, that was aligned to who we desired to be it was the only choice we could make.

So, what happened? By the time we returned home from Mexico, we had found the ideal new employee who was ready to walk into the position as Account Manager. Our existing employee who received the raise productivity and attitude jumped up to a new level. She was always good, but it was as though she had found a new expanded capacity in herself. Best of all, she seemed happier in her job than ever before. Almost magically, the clients who had been most difficult changed the way they look at us and gave us nothing but praise, and more business! In just a short month, everything shifted towards the better. I felt that we had both jumped to a new level in self and it was being reflected in our lives and business.

Living an authentic life leads to an Authentic Business

Living an authentic life and having it reflected in a successful Authentic Business works because you are in the flow of life. Who you are is always expanding, improving, and getting better. Being aware of this expansion and consciously choosing how you wish it to look both in your inner world and outer world, and then making the choices in alignment to this can’t help but create an Authentic Business that must be successful.

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