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The Power of Your Authentic Business As An Expression Of You – Part 1


authentic businessThe Power of a Conscious, Authentic Business

Recently I have experienced the power of creating an conscious business that is in alignment with who you wish to become in your authenticity. Kalyn, my wife and co-owner of our Social Media Company, and I have a group of students that have been with us several years. In recent classes Kalyn has been bringing through the importance of choosing who you wish to be and expressing that in your life. Last weekend I spent an evening with one of our coaching clients helping him explore how his life could more reflect who he desires to be and how this will help his business. I wanted to share this with him as I recently experienced the power of this as it applies to our building our own successful, authentic business.

Growing an Authentic Business

For a couple of months Kalyn and I had been volleying back and forth desires about where we want to take the business. We wanted to grow it while at the same time move it into a more authentic business During this time I had been looking at all areas of my life seeing if they were in alignment to who I was and who I wish to become. There is an almost miraculous power in living life this way.

‘Know thy self’ is a basic tenant of most all schools and religions of personal growth and evolution. But to simply know thy self is not complete. You must bring who you know yourself to be all the way down into your life so that your life is in alignment with who you are. But, your life must be aligned to not only who you are, but who you wish to be in your becoming. You are always growing, evolving and expanding. Taking the time to look at who you wish to become in that expansion is a powerful process. And, it is even more powerful when you align your life and your business to that expansion of self.

This year, Kalyn and I have been consciously raising up our lives to match who we desire to be in our expansion. It had been over six years since we bought a new car. One car was twelve years old and was increasingly showing signs that it needed to retire. It was a Jeep SUV. It was a great car and apropos for our lifestyle. We live on twelve acres in the outskirts of Santa Fe, New Mexico. The roads to our house are dirt roads. It is not uncommon to have heavy snow in the winter and the Jeep handles the mud and snow well. It also hauls our trailer full of household trash to the dump when needed.

Kalyn and I began the process of choosing a new car. In looking at who we are and who we wish to become in our expansion we explored different cars and test drove a few. As we both desired to raise ourselves to a higher level we wanted a car that would represent and be in alignment to our expanded self. I wanted quality in the form of cutting edge performance. A Porsche always represented this to me. As a birthday present, Kalyn rented a Porsche 911 for me when we were at a business conference in Las Vegas. I had a great time driving it around the Hoover Dam. In the process, I got a good sense of the car and knew that this was close, but not quite it. I loved the idea of a high performance sports car, but it wasn’t really who I was.

Kalyn also wanted a high quality car. But, she loved the roominess, security and comfort the Jeep SUV had given her. We considered another similar SUV, but neither one of us felt they were in alignment with who we are. Then, of course, there was the money factor. We have put most of our money back into the business and were not looking forward to the prospect of taking on a high car payment. Going into a big debt was also not in alignment with who we wished to become.

So we knew what we wanted energetically, but had no idea if such a car even existed in form. We wanted a high performance vehicle that handled like a sports car, but had the roominess of a SUV, 4 wheel drive and the ability to tow a trailer. And, it must not break the bank. I didn’t know what such a car would look like, but what I did know was that if it was in alignment with who I am and who I wish to become, it would manifest.

One day I decided to pull up used cars online and the first website that came up had a car that popped off the page. I knew it was the one. I immediately called the dealer and the next day we were driving down to Albuquerque to see it. Within a couple of hours we were driving our ‘new’ car home. It was a Porsche Cayenne SUV. The closest ride you can get to a 911 Porsche, but in SUV form. “But, isn’t that an expensive car?” you may be thinking. Yes it is, when it is new. But, used it turned out to be the least expensive car we have ever bought even though it looks and drives as if it were new. We kept our other car the Honda Civic, which fulfills our need for an economy car, and traded in the Jeep for a car that is an expression who we are and who we desire to become. Sure enough, on a deep level, our lives have felt like they have jumped to a new level ever since.

So what does this have to do with creating an authentic, conscious and successful business? More about that in my next blog.

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