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Out of the Rat Race – Can You Attract a Biz & Make Money Doing What You Love?

In this video, Ocean, joins Oberon and myself because- as you can see- he’s confused about whether he could make a go of his entrepreneurial business or not. See, Ocean has heard experts say that there must be a demand in the market for what you do. Then there are others, like myself, who say you should love what you do because you’ll be doing it a lot!

When you’re an entrepreneur you recognize a few signs of an entrepreneur: (Is this you?)

– We work all of the time. We truly only take working vacations or working dinners.

– This is because we’re borderline obsessed: we’re thinking about what we love to do all of the time and we talk about it all of the time!

– Actually, entrepreneurs go on and on – whether or not you’re listening (and they don’t mind if you’re only pretending to listen)

– They would almost pay you to do what they love! Of course, entrepreneurs need to be paid, but the point is that they are going to do what they love to do, regardless.

– As an entrepreneur you have this kind of drive – you better be passionate, dedicated. The word “dedicated” was introduced to me as a replacement for the words “job” or “business” because we all can dedicate our lives to something. You may be a dedicated home-maker or the head of a multi-national business. Either way, when you’re borderline-obsessed, it’s more about doing what is meaningful to you, so that you dedicate yourself to it. This creates a mindset for success for entrepreneurs – they aren’t focused primarily on making money, they are enjoying dedicating their lives to what they do.

Spiritual or conscious entrepreneurs then change some of their experience in the ‘rat race’ just by changing their minds. They put a spiritual bend on their entrepreneurship in which it no longer is a ‘job’ or ‘business’, but a dedication – something that is meaningful to them. With this kind of mindset, you are likely to find someone to pay you for what you love doing.

Of course, how much and what level of success you will experience is relative. First you have to define success and abundance and see what they mean to you. Generally speaking, your definition (as opposed to someone else’s definition of success or abundance) tends to be within your grasp. The level of your success will also depend on your ability to do things like be a good leader, have and use systems well, hire the right people and so on.

The idea is that being in the ‘rat race’ is a mindset in which you feel stuck and feel dis-empowered. Creating your entrepreneurial expression and business are all about shifting your energy so that you feel you are able to express yourself and live life by your own rules. Success and abundance are more about how you feel than how much you earn or how many employees your company does or does not have.

Ask yourself what you want out of your entrepreneurial business. The answer to how you will do and whether you can be more successful or not has a lot more to do with whether or not you hit some of the entrepreneurial markers we noted and what your definition of success and abundance are.


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