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How To Read People Part 1

Whether you are ordering a hamburger and want to trust that no one is spitting in your food or you are closing on a business deal, you must rely on people, but not all people are reliable.

On a personal note, I’ve seen friends and professional friends of mine make choices and enter into contracts, which are written agreements, that I question. I question who they are doing business with – in the office or on a date.

In other words, anytime you are entering an agreement with another and you need to trust them to be or do what they say they will, you need to know how to read people.

Wouldn’t it be great if you saw red flags ahead of time so that you either chose someone else to work with or you understood what personality problems you might encounter?

Join me in this week’s video to learn 3 different ways to ready people.
How do you know who you can rely on? What can you look for when determining which person to hire or who you can trust?
In this 3 part series we’ll talk about how to read people using the following 3 clues:

1) In this video we go over looking for people’s emotional charges, which are due to issues and limiting beliefs people hold. These will present in strong traits, such as a cause or absolutes. In the video I’ll tell you what to look for so that, for example, so that you can find indicators that will tell you whether a potential employee or business partner will do what is required of them or not.

2) Video 2 talks about removing projections. Just like people wearing ‘rose colored glasses’, we tend to see things from a certain angle in life and the people we are speaking with tend to present things a certain way. As you learn to remove all those colored glasses, you’ll learn to read people more clearly.

3) Video 3 is all about tapping into someone’s desires such that you might be able to help them achieve their dream, such as growing their business or getting a promotion, in order to have them help you with your business or what it is that you are after. Working cooperatively this way occurs when you can read people, see what you want to avoid in them and move towards the cooperative behavior you want to solicit from them.


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