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 The Successful Authentic Entrepreneur


Social Entrepreneur Podcast


Podcast Mission-

To inspire, help and create a community of people with a common intent to improve their lives, their business and use social and online marketing to make it happen!

“I’m passionate about authentic entrepreneurs and helping them because they are inspirational, they are benefiting the world and doing so by breaking all the rules!” – Kalyn

Social Aficionados presents podcasts to help inspire and train you. Whether it is through blogs, podcasts, coaching and consulting or through their Social Marketing Firm called Social Media Pathways, Kalyn and Carl are help authentic businesses improve themselves and their businesses both personally and professionally through leading social and online marketing.

Who Is Our Social Saturday Show For? What kind of people?

  • Authentic Entrepreneurs who want to turn business into PASSION & realize that marketing is about EXPRESSING their business and what it offers
  • Anyone with the Authentic Entrepreneur mindset
  • Authentic Entrepreneurs who want to improve their lives

  • Authentic Entrepreneurs dedicating their lives

  • Authentic people

  • Authentic Entrepreneurs who know that changing themselves will change the world

Benefits of hearing the podcasts:

  • be inspired

  • learn thing you can apply to your life and business

  • understand how others are living being authentic entrepreneurs

  • understand the authentic entrepreneurial mind

  • an AE is in the flow and they naturally enjoy opportunity and expansion. How do you get into or stay in this flow? What opportunities has it brought or is it bringing you?

  • How can or how do people work with you and how do they benefit?

  • I say that pleasure is like a magnet for positivity and expansion. It brings opportunities and makes life sweeter – learn how my guests relate to and find pleasure in their lives.

If you are an authentic entrepreneur, and not all business owners are authentic entrepreneurs and not all workers are employees, then it is important to keep evolving in your business. Kalyn likes to chase a better life, which means evolving your business and personal life.

In this episode of the Social Aficionados Podcast, Kalyn provides you with one technique to personally tap into your potential for your business and provides one online marketing method, blogging, to help you bring that potential forward as you improve the expression of your business and it’s fuller potential.